Thursday, July 24, 2013

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EMOM 10 – Increase weight each round of 1 rep


3 Rounds

  • 10 Clean &  Jerk 135/95
  • 400m Run with a Medicin Ball in hand 20/14


  1. Slow today. 14:33? First WOD in the new Nano 3.0. The first 10 reps took a little getting used to the different balance in them, but after that they felt solid. Had to switch to a vest from the med ball after the first run, too hard to keep my arms at those angles.

  2. no strenght, just working on mobility. still a little sore. ankles, wrist and hip are not 100%. yay for falling.

    wod – opted for a nice sunday 5 km row – 20:45 i think. even had the pleasure of having conversations with ray and colin while doing it.

    heard lots of energy on the other side of the gym. way to go 1 pm’ers.

    thiking rest day, hopefully these injuries will heal up a bit.

  3. Strength – front squat EMOM up to 120lbs! PR by 20lbs! Huge push from mike:)
    Wod- 13:40? @ 75lbs and 14lb med ball!!

    Great job 430 crew!

  4. 14:?? on the WOD – Rx’d. I really took my time on the C&J’s.. first time I’ve done them above 105lbs in months. I tried to reset after each one, and make sure i hit all the points of a proper lift. Felt great to get back at this.. but i’m due for a couple days rest. See y’all Monday.

    Way to go to all the ladies at 4:30, PR’s and Lots of hard work. thanks for pushin me.

  5. strength: deadlifts 145 to 235

    wod: Nate Mod
    6 toes to rings
    6 ring dips #1 band
    8 kbs @ 45

    wanted to keep it at approximately the same time as the regular wod so I did 10 rounds


    Amazing work by everyone!!

  6. Only Michelle Lee and myself for the Throwdown tonight.
    400M run backwards
    21 Push Press 75/55
    10 Pistols/leg alternating
    50 AbMat Sit-ups
    21 Power Cleans 75/55
    400M run backwards

  7. Strength: push jerk. Up to 85#. Pr 🙂
    WOD: 12:06 55# and rower. Thought I was done at the end of round 3 c&j lol. Oops. Gotter done tho. Must be the heat or my love of the rower ha!!

  8. WOD at crossfit Fredericton tonight.:) strength: back squats 65-95lbs 5×5/3mins increase at each set
    Wod: 5 rounds 5deadlifts 30 double unders(90 singles for me) 100# deadlifts..probably should have gone heavier. . time: 5:49 see ya Monday!