Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Wow. July is over. August will be filled with benchmark WODs. Mainly the ones on the whiteboard. We want all the cells filled if possible.

And we filled the PR board. Time to start a new on. What are your goals? Please share in comments.

Strength 5x5x2min



30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

Focus on mechanics over speed. If you have gone over 5 minutes you should have scaled for sure. Take that into consideration when prepping for this one,


  1. WOD 4:43 @#55 with tabata planks to finish us off. I would really like to focus on double unders and working on my push jerks 🙂

  2. Great job by the early birds and the did a tabata plank wod afterward!

  3. One of my favourites, I’m turning around !

  4. pre wod – run down the hill. new shoes = not as sore as yesterday.

    strenght – opted for mobility as not as sore as yesterday still means very very sore.

    wod – 3:52 or 4:52 rx’d. can’t remember which but it was a 1:30 min pr over last time. really would like to tackle this fresh.

    great job 1 pm’ers.

  5. Strength- worked on clean and jerks 45,45,55,55,65,65,75,75,85,85
    Did 25 double unders between each one

    Wod- 4:44 @75lbs! Much grosser than I thought!
    Jeff u did it in 3:52! 🙂 awesome awesome job everyone!!

  6. YAY! 1st unassisted pullup:) (without jumping for it!)
    strength: 1 rep max front squat – 115# up from 95#
    WOD: 3:43 @ 60#

    awesome tips/training from MJ today. thankyou!!

    • Congrats on the pull up!!!! AND Congrats on the front squat PR!!!!

      gotta love a double whammy!

      • Thanks Sherri!!!

  7. wod mod: hang power cleans @80


    Awesome job evereyone!!

  8. Throwdown WOD
    200M run Backwards
    60 Walking lunges
    20 Deadlifts 185lbs
    25 HR Burpees
    30 Pushups
    21 Box Jumps 20″
    200M run Backwards

    151 reps – burpees and pushups are not good on a mending right shoulder. The good part was I was able to do them. Pushing off the ground is where the problem is.
    It was frustrating knowing you can do the pushups and you have to break them down to singles or doubles to get them completed.
    Great work by all that participated.