Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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10 min – Max Height Box Jump

3 Rounds (25 min cap)
800 m Run
15 HR Burpees



  1. 37″ box jump
    15:?? For the wod
    These hand release burpees felt better than Saturdays burpees…
    Great job this morning Jen and Jamie Lynn

  2. 47.5″ WOD 14:00 even. Now that I know my time it’s easy to make up that other second, but Meg and I are blaming the lobster interference on our missed goals. No Steamers Lobster, we don’t want to dance in the sidewalk during the middle of our WOD.

    • Yes Scott, that final run was interesting. That lobster sure was desperate for a dance partner! Not to mention the Steamers MC who started running next to me and trying to get me to talk into his microphone.

      WOD 15:13 (but i’m blaming some of those seconds on the lobster) Nice job noon crew.

      • now i wished i worked out at noon. i’ve been itching to drop kick a man dressed up as a lobster, and that was my chance.

    • That’s hilarious!

  3. pre wod i ran down to the gym, but my left heel and fore foot on both feet were / are killing me.

    box jumps – stoped at failed 40”, not close to my old max of 42.5”

    wod – 13:46. subbed 800 m row in for the run on the second and third round, as i couldn’t make the run again.

    great job all.

  4. WOD : 17:48……burpees weren’t so bad but my runs were SLOW.

    No Human size Lobster to dodge so I guess that was a bonus!! 🙂

    Nice job 6:30 crew!!!