Friday, August 2, 2013

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Strength EMOM 10


21 15 9

  • Ring Dips
  • KBS 70/55

Any mod of Dips = x2 reps


  1. 6am WOD, nice way to start the day!

    Opted to practice DU’s EMOM-10, for the first 30 seconds.
    -that was a challenge.

    WOD: 6:??
    Ring dips with box, 35lb kbs.

    my arms are still shaking..

    Great work morning people!!!!

  2. Strength- did deadlifts and double unders
    Way to go britt on your deadlift PR- 175lbs!! Whooo!
    Wod- 9:21 used a #1 band for ring dips and 45lb kb

    Great job 1pmers

  3. strength:; bench press max is 105×3
    back up to 1 rep at 100

    wod: dips with #1 / #40lb for kbs

    great job girls and way to go Amy on the squat clean PR!!

  4. EMOM : Push Press …PR at 100lbs

    WOD : 7:??.
    40lb KB & dips with #1 band but had to add another halfway through…Ring Dips suck :).

    Enjoy the Long weekend everyone!!!!

  5. Thanks Karen! 🙂

    I dont know if my triceps will ever recover from this week! I tried to use a #1 band as per the usual but failed, did the WOD with a #2, 40# KBS, 8:36. This was a brutal one! It felt like the kettle bell swings were over way too quickly!