Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Strength – EMOM 10


5 mins perform the following:
400 m Run
Remaining time AMRAP Box Jumps 30/24

Rest 1 minute

5 Mins perform the following:
400 m Run
Remaining time AMRAP Power Snatches 95/65

Rest 1 min

5 mins perform the following:
400 m Run

No need to upscale.

Do RX movements and do them as to full range of motion.

Box Jumps: Games Standards
Power Snatch: Full lockout.
Knees must touch elbows.

NO HOOK GRIP= automatic 10 Burpees on the spot and then finish where you left off.

And let’s work on building up our community we are so proud of. Encourage each other and drive them to bring their game up. We need each other wether to realize it or not.



  1. Great work by the 6 am girls this morning! no burpee penalties! Awesome job ladies!

  2. EMOM bench press up to 80lbs
    120 reps total RX
    I liked this wod today!! Great job morning crew!

  3. Strength – press up to 75lbs!
    Wod 127 reps
    42 box jumps 24″
    24 snatches 55lbs
    61 knees to elbows
    Stomach is still sore!
    Great job 1pm crew 🙂

  4. First WOD after a week long binge in Halifax. 60, 20, 36 = 116 Rx. Gret work 4:30pm crew!

    • Throwdown WOD
      15 min AMRAP
      800M run
      10 OH Lunges 55#/35#
      10 AbMat Sit-ups

      5 rounds

  5. WOD: 106rx’d – 49-21-36. I bombed on the K2E’s.. no excuse. need work here..

    Strength: PR’d my bench press @ 200! 200 club! woot!