Friday, August 9, 2013

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Strength 5x5x2min


Push Press 115/85
Overhead Squat

Transition will be the challenge.
After PP, bring bar behind neck under control. Hands to OHS grip. Pop bar up and work. Once done, bar behind neck, PP grip. First pop up will count toward PP reps if you lockout.


  1. Strength : deadlift @ 155lbs 5×5

    WOD : 19:38?….started with 65lbs but had to drop to 55lbs after 2nd round….OHS were a blast!!! 😉

    Have fun with this one!!

  2. Strength was skipped so i could go head to head against Jill on Annie. Managed to PR by 20 seconds! @ 7:07

    WOD: 13:3# – Rx’d. All OHS’s were unbroken, push press was cruddy. Mostly done in sets of 3 and 4.

    Great work everyone! i’m the only one who likes OHS’s i think, but today was a good day!

    • I like OHS.

  3. Strength power cleans 5×5 @75lbs
    Wod-12:50! Much harder than expected! Made it through 10,9, and half of 8 with 55lbs for OHS but had to grab a 45lb bar to finish!! Stuck with 55lbs for push press! Already feeling it big time! Great job 1pmers 🙂

  4. shoulder mobility
    strength: supposed to be push press
    box squat instead: 5x 105, 115, 130, 145, 160

    wod: push press / front squat @ 70lbs

    Great work everyone!!

  5. Did the Throwdown WOD. 13 + 5 Rx. I thought my shoulders were going to fall off.

  6. Strength: 5×5 deadlifts @120
    Modified the WOD to push presses @ 55 and goblet squats with 25 lb kettle bell
    Time 13:48