Monday, August 12, 2013

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There will not be a 1pm session today

Strength 5x5x2min




  1. I love that this WOD is specifically for someone!
    I was going to come in at 6am today but due to my step daughter being up from 2-6am I am going to tackle this wod at work tonight in the gym.

    There are no bands for pullups though so I am going to modify it for pushups!

  2. Good work noon crew!!!!

  3. Strength: skipped strength today to work on pistol progressions off the 24″ box. At the end managed 1 standard pistol on my right leg… left leg no so much. but progress!

    WOD: 7:53, had to do GHD situps as i think i’ve bruised a rib. Ab mat hurt…

    Way to go nooners!

  4. WOD 6:32. Enjoyed this sprint. Great work Power Hour, love the huge crowd, great to be back from vacation.

  5. Strength : push press @ 65lbs 5×5

    WOD : 9:24ish…..liked this one 🙂

    Great noon crowd!!!

  6. Strength: 5x 145, 155, 165, 175, 185

    wod: situps… not a fan

    wod: 7:50
    did the pull ups, preetty consistent

    Awesome job everyone!!

    • i hate situps!! I find I am so slow at them!

  7. new stretching routine and baseball kept me from strenght.

    wod – 5:54, felt i had more in the tank did it again.
    wod – 5:56. was hoping to beat the previous oh well.

    cash out 50 double unders.

    great job all.

  8. Vacation WOD: lift 2 year old nephew out of pool and catch him 30 times haha.
    Great job everyone!!!

  9. Did a mod wod at home 21-15-9 burpees, sit ups and kettle bell. Leah did my counting. Someone could really kill wod times with Leah’s skip counting she’s very generous 🙂

  10. Did mod WOD at work with pushups instead of pullups


  11. Strength Front Squats – 115 – wanted to take it easy on the shoulder as it is starting to come around

    11:52 – shoulder held out pretty good. Only gave a few twinges when I waas doing Burpees – big improvement on the healing process.