Shin Skin Sale

Posted by on Aug 12, 2013 in News | 2 comments

RockTape Shin Skin is for Crossfit!


Shin Skins

Retail at $49.99
Your price till 30 Aug is $19.99

Use a separate online purchase for Shin Skins only and the discount code SKINS.

If you want to order Rocktape and Rock Sauce to be sent with the same shipment, just leave a note in the comments section and place your second order…

We will ship them together so only use FedEx for one of the orders.

Quantities are limited so do it today if you want happy members with scar-free shins!

Check out your Shin Skins

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Rock Sauce


  1. i’ll grab a pair please. using the high end tape mesure i have at the house i’ve decidued that my manly 15.5” calves require the l/xl size. if green is all they have then thats cool, but black (or maybe red) would be prefered if those colors open up by the order date.

  2. Yes, i’d take a pair. l/xl i guess. 18″… hope they’re big enough hah. color.. whatever.