Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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500m Row
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups

Sprint Plus
500m Row
40 OHS 75/45
20 Ring Dips
10 C2B


  1. 6am
    WOD 1- Joined the 6am crew to work on squat snatch and OHS technique this morning. So much work to do!! Ha

    WOD 2- Sprint Plus> 9:20 (more $&*^#$ OHS)

    Rest 3 mins then;

    WOD 3- Sprint> 5:??

    Big props to Ash and Karen for coming over to the “crazy side” and doing double WODS today! AWESOME!

    • ray you are a beast!! I need to strive to be more like this!

    • *double WOD’s

  2. Rest day, came in for mobility and to work on some cleans. Failed on a new PR of 205, horrible technique pulling too early on that rep. Karen was awesome doing her first WOD without bands for pullups!

  3. Strength – new PR for Deadlift – 290 (up from 250)
    WOD – 6 mins. and change for the ‘Sprint’ modified with ring dips instead of pullups.
    Good job all!

  4. Strength- front squat up to 110lbs,
    Wod- 10:54 sprint plus. Used 45 for OHS , 1# for ring dips and no band for pull-ups! Ray, I tried for a chest to bar but my arms were jelly! Haha!!

    • awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah! Way to go Karen. this is huge! good for you!

    • great job. its a new world without the band. wtg.

    • That’s a fantastic job!! Keep rocking the pull-ups and c2b will come very soon.

  5. pre wod 1.2 km run.

    strenght – cleans up to 180, not a pr.

    wanted to do the ray challange, screwed up as i forgot to sub out hrpu for ring dips

    wod 1 sprint + – 7:33 (not rx’d as i’m an idiot and didn’t do ring dips)
    rest 3 – 4 mins
    wod 2 sprint – 5:19

    then i was pissed with that time so

    wod 3 sprint – 4:55

    cash out 50 double unders, only visibly whipped myself twice.

    great job evening folk.

  6. Active rest for me today, 3 mile run and some mobility.

    Very tempted to tackle this one.. must rest.

    Way to go everyone!

  7. Push Jerk for strength 55# – I feel like I could have gotten more but my form was all wrong.

    Wod done in either 8:22 or 9:22 I can’t remember

  8. strength: push jerk – 115lbs a new PR. I think i have room for more.

    WOD: Sprint Plus 11:09 i think

    500m row – 1:56 a PR (1st time)
    OHS @ 55lbs
    GHDSU – Another 1st
    RD off box
    C2B PU

    Great work 6:30, Thanks Jeff K for doing the WOD again with me, you’re crazy. 😀

  9. Strength – Push Jerk – 100lbs with no shoulder pain, things are looking up.
    Managed to do the warmup pushups no problem for the first time in 4 weeks. Still some soreness but no faceplanting when doing them.

    Sprint – 6:36 – the 20 pushups felt good – very happy