August 20, 2013

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Strength 5x3x2min


Deadlift 275/205
Box Jump 30/24


  1. Great job by the girls this morning!!! Awesome job pushing yourselves!

  2. Strength: Skipped and instead did 10x 100m sprints with Julie, Scott U and Mark A.

    WOD: 9:50. Pretty pumped about this one, first time doing deadlifts in 2-3 months or so. Did the first 21 at 155lbs and then the rest at 175lbs. I was pretty nervous about this one coming into it. Then i had my first ever wipe out on the box. dont matter, did dead lifts. woot!

  3. Did the sprints with SMac, Jules and Mark. Then WOD in 10:12 @ 225#. There was a lot of sitting on the box during this WOD, I was really dizzy. I also offended Jill to her core but telling her I though of all my friends as being he same age as me. Apparently girls don’t like hearing you think they’re older than they really are. Who knew?

    • You said what??

      Dead man WODing..

  4. short notice cancellation for 6:30.

  5. box squats: 14″ height 5x 105, 115, 130, 145, 160

    Strength: push jerk: up to 1 rep max of 110, PR at 115!

    wod: 7:55 I believe
    deadlifts @ 175 (felt good)
    20″ box jumps (first box jumps in a long long time. will have to see how the knee takes it) Did 15 step ups throughout the wod

    Awesome work 5:30 crew!!!

  6. Strength : Push Press : @ 75lbs 5×3

    WOD : 9:04 @ 160lbs & 20′ box ….warm one today at noon!!!

  7. Strength- push press 80lbs
    Wod- 10:?? Or 9:?? Can’t remember! Started with 130lbs and went down to 115lbs! I had poor technique. Need to work on it big time. I was being a sook after workout… Lol being a bitch baby as Marcy would term it!! Slap me next time Amy/ mike 🙂 good job everyone at 5:30!

  8. Strength -One Rep Max for front squat – 100lbs
    WOD – 75lbs for the Dead lift and did step ups instead of jump ups. Time was 12.48. First workout ever! Super pumped!

  9. Strength – power cleans @ 70 lb
    WOD – 10:42
    Deadlifts 105 lbs, 16″ box
    First time completing a WOD containing box jumps where I actually did box jumps on a 16″ box!