Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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3 rounds
15 deadlifts 135/95
15 hr pushups
15 powercleans same bar
15 kbs 55/35
15 squats


  1. Really tough WOD for me today, 3 moves that have potential to be hard on the low back. Because of this i took my time with them, finished 16:53 Rx’d i think. Cleans were slow, resetting after each one. Rest of the power hour breezed through this one like champs. good job team!

  2. Strength- back squats@100lbs! Trying to focus on pushing my right knee out! Getting better.
    Wod – 14:55 with 75lbs for DL and cleans , and 35 for kettlebell swings!

    Great job noon crew 😉

  3. strength – push jerk

    wod – 12:53 rx’d with a 70 lb kb. felt pretty good, screwed up the order of the movements at the end of the second round.

    loving cleans…at least i must be i’ve done 456 of them since saturday morning.

    great job all.

  4. box squats 3x 125, 140, 155, 170, 185
    strength: squat clesns @75

    wod: 12:58 rx

    took my time on the cleans, didn’t hit my collar bone (bonus)

    great job everyone… big crew there at 5:30!!

  5. Awesome crowd at 630!

    Strength : Good Mornings

    WOD: 12:48 w/ 70lb KB and 155lb DL and Power Cleans.

  6. Strength : worked on snatch @55lbs

    WOD : 16:?? @ 85lbs….a little tired today…did most of it with my eyes closed 🙂

    Great job noon crew!!!

  7. Strength: Push Jerk at 80lbs

    Wod 15:29 Rx’d

    That may have been my favorite WOD thus far. It should be named HollyJean :}

    Very large group at 6:30, LOVE then energy!!! Awesome work everyone!

  8. Strength – press # 115#
    WOD 16 minutes even… 85# and 35# KB. First time I’ve done cleans in a long time but they felt good! This was a tough one! A full house at 6:30 and lots of new members… welcome!