Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Strength 5x3x2



5 Rounds
12 Deadlifts 155/105
9 Hang Clean
6 Jerks

Scale weight where appropriate


  1. Wod wasn’t posted this morning so the morning crew did something different. They did an awesome job!!!

  2. 6 am wod
    Sit ups
    Deadlifts 185
    KBS 55

    Did snatch for strength did 95 and 105 getting more comfortable with my weaker movements time to start upping weight

    Wod 13:56 did 45 for kbs everything else normal. Was a nice workout was like doing 2 seperate wods lol

  3. Push Jerk for strength
    Sit Ups and Burpees
    Deadlifts 135 and Ring Dips
    Time 15:36
    This wod was a tough one. Great job morning crew!

  4. Strength: 2.5mile run with jul and Mr.Anderson

    WOD: 15:34 (i think) Rx’d. Deadlifts were where i spent most of my time, all sets of 3. first time i’ve done that many deadlifts at that weight in a loooooong time. Felt good getting em done.

    Way to go power hour, full house, 110%!

    • Should note, this is the WOD we all did at noon:

      Sit ups


      Deadlifts 185#
      KBS 55#

  5. Strength- OHS got a PR @90lbs

    • Not sure where the rest of my comment went…. Haha but 12:45 for wod! 105lbs DL and 35lb KBS! Crazy workout- great job everyone!!!

      • Nice PR!!!

    • PR city! congrats Karen!

  6. Did some sprinting for strength. Had to MOD in preparation of a big golf tournament on Friday. Did the death by burpee broad jumps WOD from 2 weeks ago. My shoulder gave out in the 10th round, so I did a set of 60 HGDSU, then two sets of 100 DU. Everyone was working hard in the One Two Crew.

  7. Strength: Push press @ 115#
    WOD: 14:?? @ 145# DL; 40# KB
    Loved this workout! Fun stuff indeed!
    Great job power hour!

  8. Strength Cleans @ 85lbs

    WOD : 14:43 RX …. Fun one. Chased Karen K the whole time….she was Fast 🙂

    Great job noon crowd!!!!

  9. Did press at 55 for strength. Did a mod wod with sit ups and push ips and light deadlifts and kbs (55/25) Slow and controlled is how I have roll these days. Great job everyone!