Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Fundamentals Day #2 WOD upgraded

Push Press 95/65
Front Squat

Bar is taken from the floor.
Full lockout overhead and full hip extension/hips below parallel.


Geoff chillin after WOD


  1. Strength- Bench press – 135×12, 185×8, 205×6, 225×3.


    Blasting through a WOD next to a huge open garage door is AWESOME!

  2. 8:35 Rx. Lots of room for improvement, but glad I could do 55 reps of shoulder presses without pain. Need to work on grip transitions on the bar. Got caught doing presses with two fingers transitioning from front squats and that sucks.

  3. strength – worked on snatches and cleans.

    wod – opted for grace, as i missed her on monday. 4 min rx’d. 8 seconds slower, but overall can’t complain, i’m still a bit beat up.

    props to leslie who added the extra weight.

  4. Strength …worked on deadlifts @ 145lbs

    WOD : 10:01 RX ….I agree Ray…the huge open door is Awesome 🙂

  5. Strength: Power Cleans x 3 @ 135, 145, 155, 165, 175

    WOD: 7:42 Rx’d. Squats unbroken in each set. Can’t say the same for the press, haha.

    Tried to focus on improving hand/wrist position at the top of my press. In photos I’ve noticed my wrists rolling back. Keeping a strong wrist makes the lock out feel a lot better. Glad to be getting back in the groove 😀