Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Strength 5x3x2min



  • Kettlebell Swings 70/55
  • Goblet Squats


  1. pre-1.45mile run

    strenght-skipped to foam roll out my crotch

    wod-4:17 with the 65# bell. first time i’ve gone above 55 on any KB workout, felt pretty good! got through the 21’s all unbroken, then split my last sets into 8’s.

    small noon crew, but everyone finished super fast. strong crew!

  2. WOD: 3:35 RX’d

    Tasha has the time to beat today. Great Job!

    Goblet squats are just wrong… ;o)

  3. MOD: I picked a WOD out of the book called Shake the Wall. It was 10 rounds of 10 second handstand holds, 10 squats. Time was 5:04. My legs are jello after yesterday’s tabata squats and today.

  4. Strength- deadlifts at 125lbs , then last round 155lbs…. Amy!!
    Wod- 5:26 with 45lbs!Great job Char and Melissa – both using 45lbs woohoo!

    • Hah…thanks for the push girls :)…..first time using 45lbs in a WOD. Time : 5:34.

      Nice job everyone!!!

  5. slowly getting back after Tough Muuder T.O. and a sinus cold. Blisters on heels are going to be a lasting memory from the TM.

    Strength – Deadlift 255lb

    8:14 – 55lbs – legs felt like crap and shoulder held out pretty good.

  6. strength – back squats and snatch work

    wod – 5 even, rx’d. lots of rest, still not 100%, but all and all not bad.

    great job to all the evening crews.