Monday October 21, 2013

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5 rounds for time:

10 Pullups

20 Box Jumps (24/20)

30 KB Swings (55/35)

Mark and Scott  moved the lockers into the change rooms.  We tried to place them for privacy when opening the door.  If you had gear in them, we piled them on the mats where the lockers were before.  Think about doubling up with someone, there are only 4 lockers for the men and about 50 male members so it’s hard to claim a full locker for just one person.  Same for the ladies.


  1. 19:59 Rx. That sucked. Had a great pace going then fell off the wagon.

  2. WOD : 22:?? RX …thought I was going to die by round 3 but slowly made it through 🙂

    Good times with a big noon crowd today!!!

  3. No strength today. Modified WOD. Rings-squats-25#kb. I forget my time. Great energy at noon. 🙂

  4. Strength – push press @65lbs 5×5
    Did some squat cleans too.

    Wod -18:03
    Awesome awesome job everyone at lunch! That was a hard one! Yuck to kettlebell swings.

  5. Blood, sweat and tears!! That was not easy 1pm crew!!

  6. Strength: Big PR on my DL’s, 305# up from 270#. Long time since i went for a DL 1RM.

    WOD: 16:?? Rx’d. That was a sneaky one!

    Way to go 5:30s!

    • Congrats on the PR Scott…. 🙂

    • Wahooooo Scott! Great job!!

    • thanks ladies! after i hurt my back i had to start over at 65#.. long time working back up to the bigger dead lifts!

  7. Push jerk – 115# – last set was rough .
    20:15 – 20″ box/2*2band/45#

    Super large bootcamp -awesome!!! 30 people I think

  8. Strengh – New PR on my Bench Press. Went from 205 to 215!

    WOD – 22:15 20″ box and 45lb KB.

    Killer WOD to start the week! Awesome job 6:30 crew!

  9. Awesome job 6:30 group! Unreal Monday WOD

  10. Awesome job tonight 5:30! Finished shortly after Ashley (who kept me going) at 14mins??? Rx. Great job coaching and motivating us tonight Mike!

  11. Strength – 50# Strict press, gotta work on moving my face outta the way.
    WOD – 2 #1 bands, otherwise RX’d. God it sucked, bad mental day. Way to kick ass 530s! And thanks for the encouragement 🙂

    • My time was 25:08. But I finished!

  12. Great job on the PR’s Scott and Mike!! Pretty certain I did not work as hard on my run, walk and bike ride as all of you did today! Great job!!

  13. Strength did cleans 140# 5×5

    Rough one for me today I always have a challenge with kbs and try to push myself through it. My lower back just gives out on me someday I’ve gotta take care of myself and know my limits a little bit more. Got 3 rounds with kbs 45# went to 35# then went to a one minute plank for the last 2 rounds finished in 18 something. Glad to just grind it out and finish. Always got some things to work on which is good

  14. wod: 14:53 with ring rows

    Yeah this was definitely a toughie!!