Monday, October 28, 2013

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Strength 5x5x2


GI Jane

100 Burpee Pull Ups

Chin must be over bar to count. Bar should be 6+” above two hand reach.


  1. Great work by the morning crew today!!

    Be mindful if you go into the changing rooms. The paint on the lockers is still a bit tacky. Fans are running in the rooms, however, the circulating air may NOT be reaching the backside of the lockers on the way into the rooms.

  2. Strength: keeping it in a safe range this week due to the up coming mayhem. OHS @ 65#

    WOD: due to a time restraint I completed 60 reps in 16:?? Used a box and band for pullups.
    AM crew worked really hard, wish I could of stuck around to finish with everyone.
    Great work 6am crew!

  3. Strength: 95# Backsquats
    WOD: 22:59 I did seven pull ups without a box, then did them with a box till my lat gave out. A toughie but a goodie!

  4. Strength- snatch up to 75lbs, failed at 80lbs.
    Wod- opted for Burpee box jumps- to save my hands for the weekend ! Hahah! 14:16 loved this one 🙂
    Great job on Burpee pullups everyone !

  5. signed up for 5:30. thought i could get out of work early today.. no dice! 🙁

  6. Strength : Snatch up 75lbs 🙂

    WOD : 18:??….didn’t think I was going to get the last pull-up in…tough one. Thanks for joining me for some burpees Kayla!!

  7. strength: snatch work… light @ 55

    wod: 14:55 rx

    previous was 16:04

    tried to keep it steady but holy burpees… suck the life right out of you!! lol

    amazing job by everyone today! some great times on the board

  8. Strength: Snatch work

    WOD: 13:15 Rx’d. First dance with G.I Jane… around rep 60 i started to wonder WTF her problem was. I broke it all into sets of 10, breaking every 10 if i needed it or not.. i believe that helped me.

    Strength 2: Deadlifts 5×5 @ 195#

    Post: More Snatch work @ 105#. I think this is the one move i’m progressively getting worse at. I’ll keep at er, eventually i’ll get it!

    Great work to all the evening people.. this was a grinder of a work out, everyone left it all out on the floor.


  9. Strength: Snatch work – complicated movement, especially when you are an ‘overthinker’ like me. Great coaching though.

    WOD: used the box for the pull ups, time was 12:17

    To the 5:30 class, you all rocked this WOD. I am looking forward to the day when I can kick that box away and do it Rx’d. 🙂

  10. 13:?? Rx’d

    Used higher pull up bar (approx. 6″ beyond reach). Can’t remember if it is a PR…I don’t think so…right shoulder has been a little angry.

    Awesome effort power hour! Especially Xtina who tackled this with no band!!

  11. Snatch work was awesome I really appreciate doing stuff like that because it helps so much.

    This wod was an extremely mentally tough one I found it to be daunting even before I started had to really try and grind this one out. 13:?? Rx definitely could have been faster but I appreciate the great coaching and support good job 630

  12. Empty bar snatch work. Shoulder is coming along nicely.
    Actually did warmup push-ups from toes with no pain in the shoulder.
    16:36 – jumping pull-ups
    Was concerned how the shoulder would hold up on the 100 burpees part of this. It came through very well, does not feel like someone jabbing a knife in it.

  13. Strength: snatch work with an empty bar

    Wod: GI Jane – rx’d at 14:00.
    Great job 6:30

  14. Came late and left early today due to other commitments, but really appreciated being able to come to the box for snatch work. Loved the practice and coaching!

    Strength: squat snatch 5 x 5 empty bar up to 75 lbs

    WOD at home ” room service ” 20 rounds of 5 push ups, 5 squats, 5 sit-ups. Time 9:45. PR Last time I did this in august 2012 time was 13:25.

    Great job everyone on Gi Jane! I was sorry to miss that one!

  15. strenght – worked on snatch / squat snatch work at 95.

    wod – 11:05 rx’d. happy with it, but i could’ve gone harder if my hip wasn’t bothering me. like to try this on a good day and make a push for sub ten minutes.

    great job all

  16. First time back at the gym in two weeks after tweaking my hamstring and my back. 🙁

    Snatch work for strength…technique only.
    Did burpee box jumps instead of pullups…. 13:30. Not going to lie this one felt AWFUL.