Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Strength 5x5x2


Boat Race Day!

2 Rowers, 2 lines, 3 Rounds of:

500 m sprint on rower
6 min rest
Others take turns during the down time.

Men/women’s Rx division

Men must be done under 1:40 min.
Women – 1:50
Every second over = 1 Burpee that must be completed prior to next turn

Non-Rx – men/women
Men- 2:05
Women – 2:20
Same penalty as above


  1. Was a lonely WOD this am, but thanks coach sherry for keeping me motivated!
    Was pleased considering the last time I rowed my PR was 1:39.
    WOD was 1:40, 1:39, and 1:41 leaving me with 1 briggin furpee!

  2. This sucked I need to row more lol

    1:36,1:41 and 1:35 so I did one burpee. Nice wod getting ready for the comp on the weekend

    • Your last round was the fastest? It’s like you had extra motivation or something…Muhahahaha

  3. Strength: Back squats, 5×5 incrementing weight each set. 135/185/195/205/215

    WOD: #1-1:32.6, #2-1:35.?, #3-1:36.? No Burpees.. woot woot.

    Way to go everyone, this was sneaky… i fell into the ‘doesnt seem so bad’ trap when i first started, but by the end was sucking wind pretty hard.

    PR on my Row also!

  4. Strength: front squats – still working on my form so going light at 65# 5-5-2

    I have a love hate relationship with rowing. First time I ever did this WOD. First round: 1:48, second 1:49, third: 1:54. Chris helped me get through it, he was awesome! Still had to do 4 burpees. 🙂

    Great job 6:30!

  5. Strength cleans

    WOD sucked 🙂

    I read this at work and thought that sounds fun….I was wrong lol
    2:03, 2:19, 2:10 – that was alot of burpees to keep up with the rx’d but got er done!

  6. Strength – Press at 120

    Wod 1:41, 1:46 and 2:00. 27 burpees

    Good work 430 group

  7. strenght OTM 10
    Odd – Bench Press and air squats
    Even – Back Sqauts and ring dips

    Wod – 136.8 (pr), 142.7, 147.7. however inbetween rounds did some amrap 3 of thrusters/pull ups, cleans and burpees and jerks and box jumps.

    i’ll be honest, that was not one of my better ideas.

    great job to the evening crews