Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Strength 5x5x2


Time Caps Below:

100 Wall Ball 20/14
200 Double Unders
50 Wall Ball
100 Double Unders

Beginner: 20 mins
Intermediate: 17:30
Advanced: 15:00

You must identify to coach which you are going for. You must stop when your time is up. Some want to finish it but the time is up!


  1. No Strength, Mobility Today
    WOD: 17:19 Rx’d. i was at 10 DU’s of the last set at 15:00, in hind sight no way it should have taken me 2 min to do 90 DU’s..

    pretty sure i almost died.

    Great to be in with the noon power hour again!

    Way to go everyone, that one was a grinder.


  2. Why I love CrossFit:

    Mark: Ray you did 110 wall balls?

    Ray: Really? Hey Amy, I did 110 wall balls by mistake!

    Amy: Well that was pretty #%$!ing stupid!


    Great job by everyone doing a really nasty little grinder!

  3. Loved this one 🙂 ….. 15:59…used 10lb med ball. Julie Begged me for the 14lb so I had too switch ;)…hahahah

    Great job Power Hour!!!

    • Thanks Jul!!!

  4. This one was gross, especially after all the fun thrusters yesterday during a team Jackie (thanks Ray 🙂 )

    Aimed for the 15 min cap…finished at 15:30 Rx’d. My first 50 wall balls felt like garbage. Got into more of a rhythm after that.

    Power hour killed it today! Awesome effort crew!

  5. Strength- press @55lbs 5×5
    300 double unders and 150 wallballs- yuck!! 19:02 rx’d! aimed for the 17:30 but glad I finished! Arms felt like jelly! Great job 4:30 ladies 🙂

  6. did mobility instead of strength

    wod: subbed goblet squats at #30 for wallballs

    time: 15:04

    turned the air a bit blue… complete double under breakdown around 150.. couldn’t get more than 2 or 3 at a time. cramps in the arches of my feet… awesome wod lol…

    Amazing work 5:30 crew!! You did GREAT!!

  7. 16:17 Rx. Was at 51 DU at 15:00. Pretty pissed at that, I will tackle this again. Holy crap my shoulders were on fire. Jason smoked this WOD, welcome to the gym man.

  8. Warmed up with : 12Mins of 200M Row on the odd min and 12GHD SU’s on the even min.

    WOD – 14:14 Rxd

    Cash Out – Bar MU’s

    Big shout out to Scott Mac!! He Got Bar MU’s Tonight!!!!