Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Baseline day – time for PRs or establish a baseline and crush your numbers a few months from now when we retest.
It’s very important that you record your results in a workout journal, OR HEY….. Try something new such as writing in the comment section below. 90+ members and 6 comments isn’t a great showing

Everyone present will take on a 500 m row.

As a group we will test the following

Pull Ups
Record your version. C2B if you are advanced, chin over, or record your bands.

1 min rest.

HR Push Ups

1 min rest

AbMat Sit Ups

Shoulders must touch ground at bottom and must touch toes for rep to count

1 min rest.


Full depth and lockout for rep to count.
If depth is a physical limitation find something that will assist in evaluating a consistent depth so you know what to beat every time you work on them

Your score is total reps achieved


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  1. Great job by John and Judy this morning. We had time to work on a lift PR this morning and both of them got HUGE PRs!!!! Awesome scores on the baseline test!

    I’m not sure if either one will post their PRs so…
    Judy – Push press 30 lb PR
    John – Push press 40 lb PR

    Amazing job!!

  2. WOD: score 202….loved this workout….rowing not so much 😉

    Great job 1pm crew!!!

  3. Fun quickie! 208 and a 2:02 row

  4. Boo:( stuck working late… Will have to do these baselines on my own time! Have fun guys!

  5. did ring rows for pull ups 235 score

    great job 5:30 crew!!

  6. Warm up – 100 burpees

    240 Total Reps (36, 42, 67, 95)

    500m Row – 1:28.5…..0.6sec slower than my PR 🙁

    Did some Bar MU’s after. Big Shout Out to Coach Meg on getting Bar MU’s tonight!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Chris, Scott and Julie!…Wouldn’t have made it up there without ya’ll!!

  7. WOD 214rx’d.
    1:32.4 row, PR!

    Congrats to meg on busting out bar muscle-ups like a boss!

    • Just to keep my own records
      32 Pull Ups
      43 Push Ups
      60 Situps
      83 Squats

  8. be doing this tommorrow. great job all.

  9. Great day to come back to after taking a week off. Great job noon crew. 119. 2:13 for rowing. New PR

  10. Was a bit concerned with this one as should’ve not 100% – however baselines are there for a reason.
    Pull-ups # 3 band – 22
    HR push-ups – 33
    Ab-mat sit-ups – 52
    Squats – 46
    Total – 153

  11. Amy and I did sumodeadlifts for strength! Congrats on the 265 PR Amy!
    WOD 11.4 I believe
    10 minute cap
    60 bar facing burpees
    30 OHS 90lbs
    10 muscle ups
    I got through 15 OHS
    Then today’s WOD and got 223

  12. WOD. 247 (27, 47,68,105)

    Row: 1:54.4. Not a pr. Row felt horrible!! Thanks to coach Tracy on the tips on rowing form for next time!

    Congrats on the bar muscle ups Meg and sumo dead lift pr Amy!!!

  13. Did this from the hotel gym…
    55 lb dumbbell snatches for strength
    12 pu strict
    38 push ups
    48 squats
    Missed the sit up part

  14. I really liked doing this! Was a bit late so jumped in on the sit-ups and squats of the previous group and then did my pull-ups and pushups while people got started rowing. My total was 207 – 23 pull-ups, 41 pushups, 54 sit-ups (out of ABMAT’s and I found them way harder without!) and 89 squats. Row was 1:58.9, didn’t have a previous number so will now have to set out to beat it! 🙂

    Good Job to Meg too! I was in the middle of pushups and missed it but I heard all the cheers 🙂

  15. did this on thrusday.

    pre wod – 3.25 km run

    wod – 251 (c2b – 39, hrpu – 50, situps 62, squats 100)

    row 145.6, not a pr.

  16. Did this at the gym.

    Row: 148.0
    No pull ups (didn’t have a band)
    HR push ups: 42
    Sit ups (without ab mat): 66
    Squats: 94

    Was a lot of fun, but wish I did it at CFSJ.

    Meg -congrats on the bar MU! 🙂

  17. I did this at the gym

    Row: 148.0
    No pull ups because they didn’t have bands
    HR Push ups: 42
    Ab mat sit ups: 66 (without a mat)
    Squats: 94

    Congrats Meg on your Bar MU 🙂