Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Strength 5x3x2



  • 50 Plate Walks 45/25
  • 25 Lateral Jumps over plate
  • 15 Plate Taps

Plate walks – A plate in each hand, griping edge, take step until done. Cannot walk if plates not in hand. The second you drop plate you stop counting steps.

Lat jumps – 2 feet take off. Side to side jumps. Not facing direction of jump

Plate Taps – Seated. In V position. Tap ground on each side of body for reps. Prevent body from rocking. Feet off ground


  1. No comments today? Did no one go to the gym? I would go but I’m in Chipman. Yup, Chipman. They microwave styrofoam here. Awesome.

    • It was a bit quieter today than usual for some reason, but i don’t know why no one is commenting? Chris C got an overhead squat PR tonight with some crazy looking amount of weight on the bar!

      Strength : Deadlifts x 5 175-175-165-165-165 dropped wt down because i felt like i was starting to round

      WOD 7 rounds even. Great job 530 crew!

      Also practiced bar muscle ups after WOD with tips from coach Meg and Amy. Got 3 with #2 band, my first time with the smaller band!

      • great job on the Bar MU’s!

    • forced rest day for this guy.. i couldn’t get out there today.. transportation fail.

      DID see Chris’s 235 PR on the OHS. Way to go bud!

      • Thanks man!

  2. WOD : 5 + 70 Rx…feel like I could of gone a little faster on this one 🙂

    …and Wall balls in my garage…which was freezing tonight!!! Trying to work on actually catching it correctly….slowly improving 😉

    Nice PR Chris and bar muscles ups this week ladies!!!

  3. Did push press for strength at 135lbs my elbow height and form while holding the bar felt good but my right should felt beat up for some reason really struggled with these today. Wod I did 7 rds even with the 35lbs I just could not get a grip on the 45s guess I gotta work on that. Finished after with 50 T2B and 5 RWCs. Great wod today good work everyone

  4. did yesterdays wod, a run and row

    ohs pr at 195, was going to try 200, but we had a equipment mishap

    walking lunge at 105 for 20 paces

    jumped it with shayla for daily wod for fun, didn’t keep track of my score.

    great job on the pr for christian and the bar mu for alexa