Monday, November 18, 2013

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Strength 5x3x2




  • Deadlift 225/155
  • HSPU


  1. Strength: worked front squats with Mark and Scott U. Started @ 135 for the first set working up to 185 for the last.

    WOD: 14:50 for Dianne, didnt get any extra reps in. I’m happy to have just made it through Dianne. I’m pretty sure my body is not meant to be upside down. That was tough!

    Way to go nooners, most of you got into a second round… pretty awesome!

    • DL’s were at 185#, HSPU’s with the 10lbs plate and ab mat

  2. Big 1 o’clock crew today !! Got some much needed practice on my deaf lifts :
    1 round plus 52
    125 lbs and 35 plate for HSPU

  3. Strength : back squat @ 105

    WOD : 1 round with 155# DL and HSPU with 35# and Ab mat…. need a lot of work but like them. Who knew being upside down could be so much Fun!!! 🙂

    Great job noon crowd!!!!

  4. Strength: worked on snatch got up to 75 (first time in a long long time) could have gotten 85 but diddn’t drop under the bar.

    squat cleans @ 85 for 5x3x2

    wod: deadlifts @ 155 with regular pushups
    round 1 done in 4:20

    total for the amrap 2 rounds + 19 reps
    I will honestly say that this is only one of a few wods where I felt my eyes well up with tears at the end. Not from pain.

    Great effort everyone!!! HUGE crew at 5:30!!

  5. Strength: Worked on deadlifts at 100#, my math was messed up tonight.

    WOD: Got to 1 DL of 9, so 73. Did 18 HSPU with a 35# then switched to a 45#.
    First WOD doing them, loved it!

  6. Came in for comp wod work and Diane.

    Did a 5 Rep Max TNG max on Squat Snatch. Worked up to 85 and it felt easy so did 105 and lost concentration on my 2nd to last rep. Didn’t get the bar in exactly the right spot and bailed. So then I figured I go for a new snatch max. 120! I got 125 overhead but just a little too far forward and my shoulders were smoked.

    Then did 5 x 7 back squats. They actually felt pretty good today.

    Moved on to Diane…I hate Diane. HSPU’s are a huge goat for me so I made myself do this WOD. It took me over 17 minutes but I did all the HSPU. My point in posting this is for the folks who shy away from movements because they’re not “good enough” at it to do it in a WOD. Listen, I suck at HSPU’s but the only way they’re going to get better is if I practice them AND do them in WOD’s. Of course, this is within reason and that doesn’t mean doing workouts RX’d all the time. What it does mean is, for example, when HSPU on the box start being easy, it’s time to get upside-down. Things to think about.

    • nice pr coach

  7. Strength – lite push press 95# – went light to make sure shoulder was good for WOD. Focused on driving through heels instead of toes.
    1 + 27 reps – 225# and box HSPU.

  8. Worked on pause front squats and squat snatches for strength.

    Diane time was 10:4? and finished 1+31 within the 15 min. First time doing Diane without an abmat and she kicked my ass. Almost 3 min slower then with an abmat last month…brutal. But I feel great about getting through it without one.

    Strung 2 bar muscle ups together tonight 🙂

  9. strength – tng snatch work at 95 and 115 till I realized it was squat snatches and went to 135

    back squats at 205.

    comp wod – got tru round 12, plus 15 snatches and 11 burpees

    stayed after with a little diane work with mr Jackson. sub 15 minutes at 185, as well as “motivating” the boot camp class.

    great job to the evening crews

  10. strength: not feeling front squats at all today. went light @ 85#
    WOD: 1+40? 20′ box, 120#
    Diane time: 9:14 .. not a PR, not impressed.. haha