Monday, November 25, 2013

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Strength 5x3x2


For Time:

400 m Run

10 Rounds of Cinday
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

400 M Run


  1. Strength dead lifts 5×5@ 155lbs

    WOD subbed 400m row for running and was 14:19 maybe? 14 something anyway…

    Great job morning crew!!!

  2. Well, had to make up some tire flips and a burpee penalty so I created this for today:


    10 rounds

    10 tire flips
    10 burpee’s

    Time: 20:52

    It hurt…

  3. I was a baby and didn’t want to run outside so I ran the length of the long double red lines and back 10 times, which is 400m. I wore a 20 lbs vest as a penalty for not braving outside. All the stopping and starting took longer but it was worth not being outside today. Time was 16:19 I think.

  4. Strength – 200 burpees and hand stand work

    WOD – 12:16 Rx’d. Was racing Matt on this one, great job man!

  5. Love Cindy !! …18:40ish. 6 am runs were refreshing ;).

    Great job by the morning crew!

  6. GOOD WORK GUYS! I would take 20 MU to running and Cindy any day!

    Did comp wod today.

    3×1 Snatch at 90% – worked up to 110 x 3
    Clean and Jerk EMOM + albs – started at 110 and worked up to 145, failed at 150 after I smashed myself in the sternum with the bar and decided to call it a day.

    100 DU
    10 Muscleups
    20 Squat Clean Thrusters @105
    10 Muscleups
    100 DU

    Didn’t time it, just wanted to get through the MU’s. I did mostly jumping ones to try to build up some strength and stop things from aching!

  7. strength: squat cleans 1x 85, 4×95

    wod: subbed 200m rows for runs

    awesome job everyone!!! I must say the new addition to the Hanson family is pretty sweet…

  8. Looove Cindy. 13:28 Rx’d. The runs were ridiculous cold.

    Worked on snatches and clean & jerks for strength…both of which were just not going well for me tonight at all. The Hanson’s puppy put me back into a better mood 🙂

    Finished up with some nice chicken-wingy muscle-ups on the rings.

    Great effort today all!

  9. Cindy…….. Yeah shes cool and all but the 400m runs were a killer for me tonight! WOD 22: 36 rx or something cray cray! Lesson of the day for me: learn to breath through the nose and out through the mouth to avoid possible death! Good Job everyone your all champs:)

  10. Strength: front squats @ 115#
    WOD: that’s brisk baby! Refreshing runs to say the least. #2 band for pullups… no idea what my time was but the workout felt great!
    Good work all!

  11. Strength – 200 burpees and some hand stand work.

    WOD – 12:16 Rx’d. Was racing Matt on this one, great job man!

  12. Strength was more like form work. OHS work with only 45# bar. Need to go back to basics, only way to limit shoulder issues.
    23:21 – ring rows – ending 400m felt better than the starting one.
    Good work by Abdullah on his first WOD – this was not an easy one to start with.