Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Strength 5x3x2


Death By….

Power Snatch + Overhead Squat 115/85

Every minute on the minute the reps increase and must be completed before the minute ends.

Movements are to be done as a complex. Power Snatch then Overhead Squat and repeat this sequence each minute


  1. Push Jerk up to 105
    6 rounds + 3 at 70lbs
    Solo 6am class for me today! Thanks for the motivation Sherry

  2. Just to be clear on how this is to be done.

    1st min – PS+OHS
    2nd- PS+OHS, PS+OHS
    3rd – PS+OHS, PS+OHS, PS+OHS. And so on…

  3. MOD: Had to change the complex to squat clean thrusters. 6 + 6. I had 3 seconds left to complete the 7 and missed it. Great work 1pm squad. And great work on the OHS PR Marcelle!

  4. I love Snatches and OHS. 7+5 Rx…I really lost focus in my last round.

    Great work guys!

  5. WOD : 6 + 3 @ 60# …….wasn’t feeling this one at all…but did figure out reverse wall climb with Marcelles help 🙂 !!

    Nice job noon crew!

    • Oops I guess it is reverse wall walk 😉

  6. Strength – 6×4 of 30inch jump overs, 2RM of deadlifts from the knee (415lbs), 20RM Snatch at 105lbs, then new PR on Deadlift from ground at 405lbs (30lb PR).

    10 bar MU’s

    12 rounds of rowing 15cals and 15GHD sit-ups.

  7. This was a tough one…. 6+6 85 lbs
    Tracy was nice enough to give us ‘encouragement burpees’ too!

  8. Tuesday mobility work for shoulder
    500m row to get heart rate going – then band work for rotator
    10@25# KB armbars and baby get ups for each arm
    10@30# KB armbars and baby get ups each arm
    30#KB snatches each arm
    30 Wall Balls 16#
    30 Burpees – last 10 were legit as I found the beam under the mezzanine is 7″ above my reach and counted only the ones I touched the beam.

  9. Strength: cleans 1×85, 2×95, 2×105

    wod: mod clean, push press and deadlift
    used #75

    8 rounds flat…

    Awesome job everyone!