Thursday, November 28, 2013

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PARKING: the parking spaces on entrance side at garage door are for current session coach and owners only. Please do not park there as you will be asked to move your vehicle. There are plenty of spots available for members to use at end of building and around the side. Thank you kindly.

Strength 5x3x2


20 Min Time Cap:


Followed by

3 rounds
20 Alternating Pistols (10 each leg)
15 Toes 2 Bar

AMRAP remaining time ring/bar muscle ups


  1. Wod 10:24 Rx’d with time for 18 bar muscle-ups within the 20min time cap.

    Fun one! (minus the pistols…those weren’t fun at all.) HSPUs without an abmat. Failed my first few bar muscle-ups because my grip was awful after the T2B… managed to get it together and they felt great after that.

    Awesome job power hour!!

  2. 9:23 Rx. Failed 3-4 MU, then decided to finish the time by doing yesterday’s WOD. Did two rounds, then got angry I couldn’t get a MU, so I went back over and spent the next 4 minutes throwing a hissy fit and failing at MU.

    Awesome job Meg, that was tough!

  3. strength: back squats
    wod: 9:??
    hspu feet on box / toes to rings

    First hspu with toes on box for about a year!

    Did manage to get a few bar muscle ups in with band assistance! Floor looks so far away lol

    Went in at lunc time today for a change!

    Great job everyone!

  4. 10:49Rx This was a good one!
    Worked on bar muscle ups after.
    10 with 2 #1 bands
    2 attempts with a #1 band- unsuccessful
    Then Sherry showed me how to do them from a box and jumping into it and I did one of those.
    Good job morning crew!!