Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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EMOM 8 – Start @ 60% and increase to point beyond PR

Deadlift 185/115
Wall balls 20/14


  1. Strength: Worked up to a new front squat PR 150# up from 125#!

    WOD: 7:21 95#/10#

    Nice work Sarah M on your PR back squat and kicking this WOD in the derriere!

    • awesome work, liking the big numbers.

  2. Great job on PR Marcelle!!

  3. Wod 5:?? @ Rx’d + 155# DLs

    Awesome noon crew! Congrats on the PR Natasha and Marcelle!

  4. WOW! PR’s all over the place today. Great job everyone

  5. Thanks Marcelle! We both should be pretty proud of our accomplishments this AM.

    Strength: Back squat PR of 20# (200# from 180#)

    WOD 6:50 Rx’d

    Congrats to everyone who PR’d today. So exciting to see everyone’s hard work pay off!

  6. EMOM : OHS with Xtina…..up to 90lbs but think we could have gone a few more rounds 🙂 ….

    WOD: 6:20ish RX

    Great job today everyone!!

  7. Congrats Natasha and Marcelle on the PRs. WOD 10:?? 115# DL 10# MB. kept losing form on bottom of squat which resulted in dropping the ball grrrr. Great work noon crew 🙂

  8. Back squats up to 155
    OHS up to 115
    WOD 4:28 Rx
    Great work tonight everyone!!

  9. OHS up to 45
    Wod 8:49 with #65 deadlifts and #10 wall ball

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