Friday, December 6, 2013

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Strength – EMOM X 8


In teams of two, one person working at a time:

100 Thrusters (95/65)

On every minute, both partners must complete 3 Burpees each then continue where they left off.


  1. Snatches and mobility
    WOD 10:11Rx with John and Charlene. We did 150 thrusters.
    Great job morning crew!!
    Finished off the wod with a shot for the christmas party from Morning Madness!! It’s dangerously good 🙂
    Happy Friday

  2. Strength: worked on power cleans.. up to 190#.. did two at 190# and they both sucked form wise, so i left well enough alone and didnt go higher.

    WOD: Teamed up with Mike “PR CRUSHER” H., we finished just under 8:00min, 85#

    I hate thrusters.

    • Yup, we killed this one! Or rather, you killed this one… I wasn’t counting but safe to say you did a few more reps than I did. Not bad for a guy with a bad shoulder!

      Maybe overhead squats were not the best choice of strength movement with thrusters in the WOD but I did up my PR from 65# to 90#. All in all a great day!

      Good work power hour!

  3. Strength : strict press up to 80lbs

    Great job by the morning crew and a tasty little shot to finish off…maybe a new Friday tradition???? 😉

    • The morning crew has all the fun! 🙂

  4. Jill S and I did this one. I did push presses so we upped the amount to 150 reps. Finished in 9:45

    Great job everyone!