Monday, December 9, 2013

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Strength – EMOM x 8


Hulk Hogan

Every 2 minutes for 20 mins:

3 Muscle Ups
5 Power Cleans 185/135
7 Burpees

Record your fastest and slowest times to comments


  1. THe frist 3 rds were great I had 10 seconds to spare the last few rds I barley got to power cleans 9 pullups & 9 dips were terrible really took its toll Awesome Job early birds 🙂

  2. I’m really excited to coach this later!

  3. I did the EMOM 10 burpee 15 BJ from the other week. It was exactly what I needed today. Great work Noon Crew, lots of grunting going on today.

  4. Great to be back!! Strength -worked on deadlifts (technique ) up to 150lbs
    Then did a wod Amy gave me because I said I wanted to do all weights!
    30backsquats 100lbs
    30jerks 90lbs
    30thrusters 65lbs
    14:35- shoot me!
    Great job lunch crew!!

  5. thought I would work on deadlifts tonight… just wanted to lift something heavy lol

    Started at 135 and finished with a 10lb PE!! up to 290!!

    Thank you Chris W and everyone there who yelled at me!!! I aoppreciate it!!

    • PE = PR lol

    • Went to family Dr. today for check up. Explained issue with shoulder, hoping to get an MRI/ultrasound recommendation, nope! Get told to not lift heavy stuff and get an elliptical however my mobility on the shoulder is good.
      Pissed me off – dead lift PR 335# -first time doing a strength dead lift in a while.
      WOD – managed 1 round in the first 2 mins then completed a total of 7 rounds + 10 @ 125# – modified MU’s
      Great work Sherri on the dead lift PR – now to hit 300#

  6. Loved this one!

    Strength: EMOM 10 of 200m Row and 12GHD Sit Ups

    WOD: Finished all rounds under 2mins at Rxd weight.Fastest Round was 1:05.

    530 crew did a great job!

    • Wow! That’s crazy fast! Nice work man.

  7. Strength – backsquats up to 165#. Was going to shoot for a PR but Amy caught me cheating on my form so worked on that. Thanks coach!

    WOD – While I love and appreciate Hulk Hogan as a person I don’t like the Hulk Hogan WOD quite as much. Uggg. Managed to keep pace for only 2 rounds…finished 7 (?) total with 135# cleans and modified MU’s.

    Great job power hour!