Thursday, December 19, 2013

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150 Wall Balls 20/14

Have one person count and judge for you then switch.

Ladies hit the black line, Gents over the black line


  1. strength: Strict press up to 145#

    wod: 11:02rx, 30 seconds shy of my PR… boo.

    cash out: bench press pyramid 95 to 165 to 95

    big noon crew! way to go!

  2. EMOM: front squat up to 150# ……15 # PR

    WOD : 13:57 Rx …thanks for the push at the end guys…this was nasty !!

    Karen K killed this….must be a name thing 😉

    Great job everyone!

  3. EMOM: front squat up to 150…..15# PR

    WOD: 13:57 RX….thanks for the push at the end guys….tough one.

    Great job everyone!!

    • ooops…my computer is screwed!!!

  4. Strength – press up to 75lbs! Cannot seem to get 80lbs! Arghh!!!
    11:39 rx’d ! Ouch! Legs r burning! Thanks for the push Britney, Amy and Scott !!! :):) great job Amy on your first cf workout !!

  5. strength: back squats at 135. Back is a bit tired from shoveling the white cr*p so i kept them pretty light.

    wod: did yesterdays death by kb snatch
    completed 10 full rounds

    great job everyone!!