Monday, December 30, 2013

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Please make sure you are registered for the morning sessions. Otherwise a coach may not be present.  If you do register, cancel through the scheduler if you are not going to make it.


5x5x2 at 75%1RM


3 rounds of:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Box Jumps 24/20


  1. Needed this great cardio workout ! Wod – 13:39! Always love a workout with box jumps 🙂
    Strength- worked on deadlifts !
    Great work 1pm crew.

  2. Strength – front squats at 115#
    WOD – 14:15…fun one today! Great to workout with Craig and Bonnie, newcomers to the gym. Good job 1 pm’ers!

  3. Strength: push press @ 75# 5×5

    WOD: 15:50…..worked on some HSPU after…no plate just an ab mat…love these!

    Good job noon crew!

  4. Strength – Front Squats 100lbs

    19:22 – other than wobbly legs no knee issues and the 24″ box was not as daunting as I thought it would be on round 3

    Tomorrow’s mobility work will be leg torture.

  5. My first WOD since the stent. scaled with sit ups instead of burpees..Everything else the same. 22:37 Marcie made sure I did not expire in the gym..LOL 🙂 Sure felt good to actually be able to finish the first WOD in months even though it was very very hard work…I HAVE MISSED IT SO MUCH!!! OK OK I won’t get soppy 🙂