Monday, January 13, 2013

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Shoulder Mobility Work

Strength 5x5x1

Mystery WOD

Movements included:
Bar Over Burpees
Overhead Walking Lunges In Place
Around The Worlds


  1. MOD. Clean and jerk for snatch, front rack instead of overhead for lunges. 159. Around the worlds were hardest on the thumbs with th KB digging in. As usual great work Noon Crew, although there weren’t as many of us today.

  2. Worked on shoulder presses for strength @ 95#. WOD completed 150 reps with 65# snatch & lunges, 45# KB. Great job 1 pm’ers!

  3. WOD : 131 reps…..used 55# and 20# KB. OH lunges were brutal 😉 !!!.

    Nice job this morning ladies!!!

  4. Strength- push press 5×5 with 65lbs
    This was a good one – aren’t they all;) 169 reps ! Used 55 for snatch, 45 for lunges and 30 for KB! Great job noon crew 🙂 28 tire flips tomorrow ! Yay me.

    • There you go! Happy birthday Karen. Enjoy the tire flips.

  5. Did bench press for strength 5×5
    @ 185. Wod was made up of some practice stuff for the comp in Moncton next weekend
    10 overhead single arm Kb lunges
    20 box jumps 24 inch
    20 kbs 55#
    7 clean and jerks 120#

    I’ve been really banged up lately and just overall frustrated with myself if this were a normal gym I probably wouldn’t be able to push myself to go but luckily crossfit keeps me sane even when I’m feeling shitty or having a bad day or just completely mess up a wod. Who needs therapy when you can work through you’re frustration.

  6. No wod for me today, decided to focus on strength for a while.

    Worked on overhead squats. did sets of 5, adding 10lbs every set until i had a hard time. started at 95# and worked up to 155# where i stuck around for about 5 sets of 5. then did 5×165 and got to 175 where i failed at 2.

  7. Strength: push jerk 65, 75, 85, 85, 85
    Pendlay rows: 65, 75, 85, 85, 85

    wod: 208 reps
    55lbs for snatches
    #35 plate for lunges
    #35 plate for around the world

    holy brutal!!

    tip for the ladies… NEVER try to put on a pair of skinny jeans while in a full sweat… extremely hard and frustrating!!! lmao

  8. Lots of shoulder mobility before this one once I saw it on the whiteboard.
    Back squats – 135#

    158 – 75# snatches, 15# Lunges – definitely could have did more but wanted knees survive. Will use 25 or 35 lbs next time. 55# KB

  9. Strength – Front Squat @ 135, 165, 185, 205, 225

    WOD – 123 reps Rx’d

    This was a real burner. OH lunges were rough and I had a hard time holding the KB during the last two rounds of Around the Worlds. Mainly from sweaty hands haha.

    Awesome job 1pm crew!

  10. Fun one!

    WOD 167 Rx’d + 65lb snatches and OH lunges.
    Then Ray convinced me into a 1000m cash-out row.

    Great work as always noon crew!