Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Strength 5x3x1


Nasty Girls
3 rounds of:
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans 135/95

The intent of this WOD is ring muscle ups.

Scale for MUPs – 3xPull Up; 3xDips per required MUP



  1. Strength- back squats @110lbs 5×3
    Wod – 11:?? Maybe ??? Used 75lbs for hang cleans 🙂 great work nooners.

  2. Strength – 255# Front Squat PR, First of the year!

    WOD – I think 14:??.. I forgot to check the board before I left. I was immediately regretting my front squats as soon as I started this WOD but I ground them out. Mod muscle ups from the ground and used 95# for my hang cleans.

    Small 1pm crew, Killer job Dan and Erin!

  3. No strength worked on KB Snatches instead. Worked up to 55lbs. They are the devil and I have bruises to prove it.

    WOD – didn’t care about time (and Tracy accidentally turned off the clock lol). I was mostly just focused on getting as many muscle ups as possible. I think I did about 8 full MU total. I mixed in some jumping MU to save my shoulders since I really don’t think I have a full 21 in me. My last 4 I focused on the transition from the kip to the hang position. They actually felt pretty great!

    Good work everyone. Nice to see the MU transitions!

  4. Strength: strict press @ 120#

    WOD: 13:47 Almost RX’d. Got 13 bar muscle ups.. Then had to finish with pull ups and ring rows. No idea if I did the proper amount or not… Just belted out a bunch. 135# for the hang cleans.

    Like to try this again some time. I’m bummed I couldn’t get all 21 bar mu’s.

    • Also did a 60 min spin class at noon. Working on building up my cardio stamina.

  5. strength: power cleans @ 85
    wod: 12:55
    ring rows / ring dips
    hang cleans @ 85

    think I could have done this one at 95 without too much trouble.

    great job everyone!!