Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Strength 5x3x1


30 Thursters 115/80
30 Pull-ups
30 Power Cleans 115/80
30 Burpees
30 Jerks 115/80
30 Box Jumps 24/20


  1. As suspected, that one was a little challenging to keep moving through.

    Great job by the noon crew pounding through all the reps today!!

    WOD: 16:29@Rx’d

  2. MOD:

    30 45# plate overhead walking lunges
    30 pullups
    30 power cleans 115#
    30 burpees
    30 ring dips
    30 box jumps 24″
    30 situps

    Time 16:12

  3. Well thank you ray for making me try the 80lb thruster !! I did this one RX’d! Yay!!! So proud of myself , and also did all chest to bar pullups. 20:57! Jeff- your yelling and encouragement is always appreciated ! Great work 1pm!

    • WOW! Great job Karen!

      You should be very proud of yourself for such a fantastic effort!

  4. looking at this on paper i thought this looks horrible.

    after doing it i thought it was equal parts fun and horrible.

    15:50 rx’d. alot of resting between sets for me today, but happy with the effort nonetheless.

    great job to the 1 pm’ers and a big shout out to karen, rx’d + c2b, looks like the bar has been set for the evening crew.

  5. 19:34Rx with 30″ box.

    I felt like crying at the end of that.

    Good job everyone today… That was a monster.

  6. This definitely was a tough one. Thanks to all the nooners for all the encouragement. And thanks to Amy and Mark for the coaching tips. Rx 23:??
    And another thanks to Amy for making me Rx this one even though I was being a b**ch baby about how sore I was.

    Great job nooners!

  7. Almost didn’t make it in today, but I’m glad I did!

    Strength – Worked on my OH Squat form @ 75#

    WOD – 20:10 @ 95# bar

    I think this was my first WOD with Jeff as the coach, he did an awesome job! Big shout out to Tom and Scott Mac for helping me get through the box jumps at the end, the encouragement was greatly appreciated!

    Awesome job 6:30 crew!