Thursday, January 30, 2014

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What is this CrossFit Open you are hearing about?

The CrossFit Open is an opportunity to join our worldwide community in an online competition that is intended to appeal to everyone…new to CrossFit or the veteran. It’s a 5 week “event” where a WOD is posted on the Games website and you’ll have 5 days to perform the WOD in attempts to score as best as possible. From there you enter your score on their website and you are then ranked against everyone in the world who has registered just as you did.

But I’m new…I’m not ready to compete…I don’t want to stick myself out there…I don’t want the attention

Forget about the global worldwide aspect of the CrossFit Open…Being part of what happens in our own community is such a great experience. Being present or participating in the Open creates an energy and bonding that is different from what happens in there on the daily. Encouragement and motivation is enhanced when you know someone is “competing” and there is something on the line. There is a judge present who is responsible for keeping the movement standards and helping by counting repetitions. You are there to cheer on competitors and they are there to support you. It’s different and no matter what your experience level is, it’s promised that you will no regret it. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?? … NOTHING….ONLY LOTS TO GAIN!!

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EMOM x 14

  • ODD – Goat 1
  • EVEN – Goat 2

A goat is a skill/movement that you know how to do pretty well but it kicks your butt, or it makes you want to skip a day when you see it programmed.

Well today is a day to take on that GOAT. Pick 2 Goats, select a rep scheme for each of the two and get ready to work on them for 14 minutes.

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute

Ex. if you dread Overhead Squats and Handstand Push Ups, then choose them and select reps.


EVEN – 5 HSPU….. then get through the above EMOM. Reps are your choice. This was just an example







  1. I forgot to mention that each registrant gets their name thrown into a hat and a draw from free month’s membership is going to happen. March could be free for you.

  2. Mike, what if you can’t do one of the movements, is there an option to scale and what happens if you do?

    • I believe you can scale. Not completely sure. May affect how you are ranked. It’s in the rule book associated to registration

  3. Goat #1: 1 Min straight of Wall Balls
    Goat #2: 3×155# Clean & Jerks – touch’n’go

    I was able to get the first 3 or 4 rounds of C&J’s as touch’n’go, but the last few rounds i could only get 2 together. I did complete 3 each round though.

    Those C&J’s sure made the wall balls that much harder! my first round i got 22 in 60 seconds, last round 8 hah. May as well have been throwing the 70 pound KB up there.

    Good job y’all!

  4. 5 parallette shoots.
    5 hang cleans @ 115#.

    Form felt pretty good on the hangs. Will start practicing increasing the weight while form holds because it was awful on Monday at 135. I choose the shoots not because they’re a GOAT, but because they’re a tricky skill and I just wanted some practice on them.

  5. Dear Goat Day, I really hate you.
    Kindest Regards,
    Ray… ;o)

    14 Minutes ascending reps of goats.(3/3,6/6,9/9…)

    Fast transitions of:
    OHS (115#)
    BJ 30″

    Finished 15 T2B before time ran out. (105 reps)

    Cash out 1000m row.

  6. Daily Squat 125×5, 145×5, 165×3, 185×1

    Ring Dips
    TnG Power Cleans @ 105 – This tends to be where my brain shuts er down on TnG but being conscious of it today was great. Should have done heavier weight but at least I kept all my rounds under 20 seconds.

    Ring Dips are a whole other kind of evil for me. The first 3 sets were great and then they went down hill fast. The last couple of sets I could barely get the last one done.

    Nice to see people working on Goats!

  7. Yup, today was rough. 5 OHS (135#) and 5 Hang Squat Cleans (135#) all unbroken. This was tough! Great day though, lots of people really working hard and improving movements!

  8. and a 1000m Row as well

  9. Goat….had to pick T2B …did 57 total…started at 10 per minute but ended up with 6-7/min. Still not a fan :)….but they did feel a bit better!!

    Snatch @ 65lbs 5 per minute….don’t hate these but they need a lot of work….liked this one!!!

  10. YAY Goat day!!! (dripping with sarcasm)

    OHS (80)
    10 T2B (goal was for them to be unbroken without any reset pause)

    The OHS are feeling better but continue to be my nemesis. Was stringing all 10 T2B together the first few sets then lost it and was getting 5-7 at a time. As soon as I drop from the bar I lose my rhythm and can’t seem to string the remaining reps together. Grrrr….

    1000m cash out row with Ray.
    Then a few muscle-ups.

    Awesome noon crew as always!

  11. Picked T2B and squat clean s(60#)for goats went for 5 good reps of each. No repped myself a lot..but got some great tips from coach Jeff! Both movements are coming along

    PR this week: 3 kipping pull ups strung together.. Almost got 4 today!