What are they doing over there??

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The coaches have been asked this question a number of times. You come in and see some athletes over by the stairs doing extra work that is different from what was posted on the website. Some of their work looks appealing, and some of it does not.

They are some of our athletes who have chosen to train for competitions such as the past Blizzard Beatdown that took place in Moncton, the Maritime Mayhem event that we hosted, as well as the CrossFit Open that is beginning in 4 weeks.

These athletes have taken it upon themselves to do this extra work to develop stronger skills, and attempt to increase their work capacities. They were not invited to do so, and we haven’t formed a secret society of the chosen few….they have simply decided that they want to commit their training towards something more then our daily programming. Now don’t get me wrong, your daily programming is top notch and works very well if you perform it with the intensity you are capable of. It’s more of a supplement to what’s already working for them.

Who can participate in this? ANYONE! It’s a commitment. Some are willing to take it on, while others may not be. We will guide you as best as possible. Now something you should know. Those doing the extra work are not necessarity going to be coached during their training. The coach in attendance is dedicated to the daily session in progress. They are not able to focus all their attention on the daily session if they are pulled away to help those doing extra work. It’s not going to happen often if at all.

Where is this programming coming from? CrossFit New England’s owner Ben Bergeron is a world renown competitive programmer and has provided a website hosting programming for those who want something extra to follow. There are different levels of his programming and it’s wise to educate yourself on his theories and intentions of the programming before taking it on. It’s challenging but works very well. Here’s the link to the website http://competitorswod.blogspot.ca/p/programming-philosophy.html

Now here’s what’s going to happen from now on. Those doing the extra work are required to get all the pre wod work done before the start of the 530pm session’s WOD begins. They are required to join the daily session’s WOD and complete it with everyone else. We want to ensure the very important sense of community is improved and maintained at all costs. Plus it’s very helpful to train in a group and keep intensity high. They often have to perform their metcons alone which is not fun or productive. So they need you, and you need them. Who cares if they are beasts and are killing the WOD…they need your encouragement and you can use their performance to inspire and motivate you to work harder. Maybe you’ll decide to start the extra work  yourself.

I hope this has answered any questions you might have….but if not please ask us.




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  1. I like this I love the team aspect and everyone pushing each other in the wods. I’ve started to do extra work because I want to get better so having that same aspect with the extra work would be extremely helpful. There’s a ton I want to learn so the sharing of knowledge is extremely appreciated. If anyone plans to do any extra work and wants to do it with a partner or a group I’m always up for it. This type of stuff is mutually beneficial and doing this as a team is one of the major strengths of crossfit regardless of skill level.