Monday, February 3, 2014

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We will be encouraging you to retest your current PRs on everything on the whiteboard start left to right.

We will encourage you to follow this formula for the lifts.
5-5-3-1-1 in 2 min intervals. Increasing your weight with each set.

The fun starts with retesting your 500m row PR posted.



6 Deadlifts 225/155
7 Burpee Pull Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings 70/55
200 m run


  1. 6+5 Rx. Fighting a nasty head cold (no not a Super Bowl hangover) so I ran inside. Same distance, just more start and stop. Tried my weightbelt for the first time today and the DL and KB were slightly less crappy because of it. Great work Noon Crew, big weight getting thrown around today.

  2. 4+7Rx

    Difference between an average x-fitter and advanced x-fitters: After the WOD, as I’m contemplating in my head whether I will have a wild carrot salad or Kim’s Korean lunch, the advanced x-fitters are contemplating whether to do 1K on the rowers or work on Muscle Ups.

    BTW: Had the Wild Carrot salad


  3. Strength 3RMx3x5 200# Fat Bar Push Jerks

    WOD 6+2 @ Rx’d (80# Kettlebell)

    Running downhill = Good

    Running uphill= @#%?$!

    Fighting the urge to trip Meg every time she ran by me = Priceless >;o)

    Ha ha ha… Great job everyone!

  4. 6+1 Rx’d

    This was a fun one. The run was my “must pass Ray” time cause he would quickly catch me in the deadlifts (every. time. dammit.)

    Practiced a few muscle-ups post-wod. I must kill the right arm chicken wing.

    Great noon crew! Love it!

  5. The WOD times don’t work for me today so I’ll go for a 30 min “mini-goat” workout at 5pm.

  6. Banged out a mediocre 500m row instead of strength…failed to beat a recent PR. WOD: 4 plus 23 rounds at 205# DL and 55# KB. Tough workout today – good job all!

  7. WOD : 6 + 13….125# for DL and 35#….still suffering from the weekend ;( . Just happy I made it through this one!!

    500m row…redo later this week 🙂

    The rest of the morning crew did awesome….great job!!!

  8. wod: 5+10
    185 deadlifts
    #45 kettle bell
    rows for runs

    Definitely a tough one, liked it though! A HUGE congrats to Brit for the 2 strict pull ups this evening!!!

    Awesome work everyone!!

    • THANKS!!! 😀

  9. Lots of people in tonight! Pete killed the 500m row!

    500m Row – new pr at 1:27.3
    WOD – this was a tough one! 6+23, but only did burpee bar touches on the high bar, no pull ups yet as my elbow is almost better.

    • Cashed out with 20 strict HSPUs

  10. PR’d my 500m row by 4 seconds, now at 1:57.
    WOD: 5 rounds even
    125# DL, 2 rounds with pull ups, did 3 with chin ups, 40# KBS.
    Liked it more than I thought I would!

    Apparently I’m fitter than I thought. Go figure!

  11. PR’d the 500m row by almost a second – 1:45.2
    4 + 11 – 185/55/jumping pull-ups

    The running work must be working, a PR in rowing and then 4+ rounds with DL and running on the same workout.
    Feeling pretty good!

  12. I still have a bit of congestion so just wanted to work my way through this reasonably haha. Got 4 rounds + 18 reps, 145# DL and 50# Kbs, did my pull-ups on the box, and rowed instead of running – running outside in the winter would kill me (because I would probably fall, plus the cold sucks. I’m a bitch baby).

    While attempting to demonstrate a burped pull up, I actually did a pull up. And almost died haha and then did another! So that was pretty awesome. This morning I feel like it was a dream haha, as it has been SO LONG! 🙂 happy brittainy!

    Nice work everyone on this, it was pretty vicious.

    • Congrats Brit! Sorry I missed it!