Tuesday, February 4, 2013

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Attack a PR on the whiteboard.
Our suggestion of left to right is a guideline. Some of the movements of similar nature have been placed next to one another. Please consider that when picking next. PR attempts of say Press then Push Press should not be done on consecutive days.

5 thrusters 135/95
5 C2B

2 min Rest


Overhead walking lunges in place same bar

Arms must be locked out, alternate legs. Back knee must touch and full hip extension, stand tall before next step.


  1. Strength- Isabelle @ 135# (not for time)

    WOD 1 – 5+1
    WOD 2 – 12

    Cash out: Row

    Did some one armed OH 70# Kettlebell lunges as per the Blizzard Beatdown…OUCH! They suk in a big way!

    Mark A. took on the old man B-Day challenge this afternoon. Great job man!

    10 Rounds
    10 Tire Flips
    10 Burpee’s

    • Happy birthday Mark

  2. WOD 3 and 6. Then 2 lunges. All RX’d. I could not get up from the lunge on my left leg.. Right no problem.

    I’m certain if i did this again iI could get 4 rounds.. Didn’t manage my time properly.

    Finished the day off with 27 50m laps in the pool.

  3. Strength : strict press….up to 80# current 1RM

    WOD : 3 + 2 @ 85# thrusters and pull-ups….need to practice C2B!!!!

    OH lunges @ 60# = 14

    great job noon crew!!!!! 🙂

  4. PR on push press, up 10 lbs to 115

    wod: 6 + 2
    thrusters @ 75
    toes to rings

    lunges 28 @ 45 lbs… still an issue holding weight over my head for extended periods, getting better and didn’t want to push it

    awesome job everyone.. this was sooo deceiving!!

  5. Strength: PR Squat Snatch 65#
    Wod#1: 6 rounds (55#,#2band)
    Wod#2: 16 OHWL (55#)

    Finished with some shoulder mobility and then hit up a hot yoga class..mmmmmm…relaxing! Shoulder burner today!!

  6. Strength – Power Clean @ 165# new PR!

    WOD#1 – 3.5 rounds (115#, #3 band)

    WOD#2 – I got 2 lunges @ 115# then I dropped down to 95# and got out about 5 or 6 more

    I was off today. I wasn’t happy with how the lunges worked out, but I also should have chose my weights better. I thought everyone else did awesome at 4:30 though. Great job everyone!