Register For The CrossFit Open

Posted by on Feb 9, 2014 in WOD | Comments Off on Register For The CrossFit Open

What is this CrossFit Open you are hearing about?

The CrossFit Open is an opportunity to join our worldwide community in an online competition that is intended to appeal to everyone…new to CrossFit or the veteran. It’s a 5 week “event” where a WOD is posted on the Games website and you’ll have 5 days to perform the WOD in attempts to score as best as possible. From there you enter your score on their website and you are then ranked against everyone in the world who has registered just as you did.

But I’m new…I’m not ready to compete…I don’t want to stick myself out there…I don’t want the attention

Forget about the global worldwide aspect of the CrossFit Open…Being part of what happens in our own community is such a great experience. Being present or participating in the Open creates an energy and bonding that is different from what happens in there on the daily. Encouragement and motivation is enhanced when you know someone is “competing” and there is something on the line. There is a judge present who is responsible for keeping the movement standards and helping by counting repetitions. You are there to cheer on competitors and they are there to support you. It’s different and no matter what your experience level is, it’s promised that you will no regret it. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?? … NOTHING….ONLY LOTS TO GAIN!!

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