Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Attack the whiteboard


70 Double Unders
50 Burpees over the Bar
30 Squat clean Thrusters, 135/95
10 MU


  1. MOD: 60# KB CJ for squat clean thrusters, HSPU for MU. 1+73. Watching everyone with those squat clean thrusters made me glad I had to MOD today. Awesome work Noon Crew.

  2. Abductor mobility work for warmup. Banded side ninja slides. Sumo squats and some 30# jumping goblet squats.
    123 reps – managed to make it to the squat clean thrusters and I was happy I did.
    Completing the DU’s and Burpees was the goal as both are weaknesses.

  3. Strength: Back squats …up to 165#

    WOD : made it to 23 Squat clean Thrusters @ 75# : 153 total.

    Left my rope somewhere…blue handles with pink tape on one if anyone happens to see it 🙂 .

  4. Did mobility instead of strength, my lats and upper back sorer than my legs from yesterday!
    WOD: Got 179, with 75# squat cleans instead of thrusters as I still can’t push anything overhead…

    Nice work Nooners, those thrusters looked nasty!

    • Also thanks to Jill S did a cash out of 100 DU and tabata plank. Thanks Jill haha

  5. Well that was a leg burner.

    Wod Rx’d. The good news is that I managed to get a muscle up in before the time ran out. The bad news is that I has plenty of time to get multiple more… but failed.

    Great job 430 and 530 crews! Coach MJ destroyed this one…well done!!

  6. Strength – front squats up to 180 lbs (new PR, up 5)
    WOD – 143 with 85 lb. squat clean thrusters. My shoulders have had a bad couple weeks 🙁
    Great job 5:30 gang!

  7. Coaches 430. Coached some Mups and took a rest day off lifting.

    Felt like poop today but had hopes the WOD would make me feel better. It did.

    I full round, followed by 18 DU.

    I changed my normal strategy of beserk mode to chill the hell out and be consistent.

    Score- 178 Rx