Friday, February 21, 2014

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Attack the whiteboard



Must touch target 6″ above reach with both hands for rep to count



  1. Yay Burpees 70 reps for the AMRAP PR on my push jerk up 15# from 70 to 85. 🙂 🙂 finished up with tabata planks. Awesome job 6am

  2. I want a tshirt. Medium.

  3. We’ll collect sizes a different way than posting here

  4. Strength – just couldn’t beat my PR for power cleans… matched PR of 165 then got greedy and went for 185#.
    WOD – 88 burpees! Not sure what I got the last time but I’ll take it! Great job power hour – some impressive totals!

  5. Working my way across the it was deadlift for 175#.

    Short legs = not far for bar to travel. Heh.

    WOD = 61 burpees. I think. Note to self – work on counting.

  6. strength: box squats 5x 165, 165 175 175 185

    Power cleans: @ 85

    wod: 76
    missed a few bar touches, was aiming for 80, think i could have gotten it had i not missed the darn bar…

    Awesome job everyone!!

  7. Strength did push press got a 5 # PR at 215 almost got the 220 but decided to be safe and not over do it.

    Wod was 91 burpees felt like I could have got more but sinus’ are still messed up.

    Started my daily squat today to. 165 x 5 195 x 5 215 x 3 then 245 and 255 for 1