Monday, February 24, 2014

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Open is almost here.

Attack the whiteboard



  • 15 Wall Balls 20/14
  • 30 Double Unders


  1. 7 round even. Wall balls were strong but was struggling on DU today. Too many trips due to tired shoulders. As always great work Noon Crew.

  2. firs wod back after a week off, may as well have bee a month.

    6+12, no reason i shouldn’t have hit 7. I need to learn to pace my wall balls better in the early rounds.

    way to go power hour!

  3. Worked on bench press for strength… first time trying to set a 1RM made it to 185#. Thanks for the spot Mark!

    WOD – made it to 5+5 rounds with 20# WB & single skips 🙁
    Nice work on the tire flips Scott!

  4. Wod 6+8 Rx’d and increased WB target height to 10 feet. Amazing how a couple of extra feet can kick your ass.

    Great work power hour!

  5. Whiteboard told me I have to be more coordinated as my push press came out same as my press. 75#

    Met the wall ball and the skipping rope for the first time today – a learning experience. (Note to self – need shorter rope).

    3 complete rounds,and then got through all 15 wall balls on the 4th round, but only completed 60/90 single skips. So close, and yet….

  6. Great to be back with the Power Hour! WOD – 8 rounds, Rx’d

  7. WOD : 5 rounds even Rx’d…wall balls improving but had a few no reps 🙂

    Week 2 of daily squat after!!

  8. Strength: Working on my snatch form, going up to 85#, trying to get comfortable with it.
    WOD: First time doing anything over head in a month ish? Rough. 4+43 with a 10# ball.
    Nice work 530!

  9. Great wod 🙂 5 + 6 rx’d ! Followed by a push-up war with ash and Kayla… Ouch! And then some rowing !! Lots of ppl there for 5:30!

  10. strength: deadlifts

    wod: 5 + 37

    goblet squats @30

    great job 5:30!!