Increasing services for you!

Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 in WOD | 14 comments

You are our favourite group of people. And we love seeing a ton of you in our new spot. We can only hope that you enjoy it and want to come back for more.

If there’s something that’s not making you happy in any way, PLEASE bring it to our attention. Without feedback we cannot correct it. It can be discrete by way of email, text, phone call, over coffee…. Whatever works for you.

We want you to know our plan and see if you, our community, enjoy it and want it to continue.

Amy and I will be supplementing the evening sessions. The sessions will still be run by our awesome coaches, and our presence is simply to help out where we can, and make sure everyone has lots of attention they deserve.

We can be the demo crew or simply help you set up for the WODs.

This is the first of a few changes we will implement.

Next we will be implementing a scaled division to our WODs reinforcing our community to focus on proper mechanics and to step away from the competitive mindset that encourages move fast at all costs. We are very fortunate to have a community full of great athletes and we want to ensure you get better at what you do with every visit.

Sometimes a step back is a way to get a running start at forward momentum.

So, please share any concerns, observations, suggestions with us. This is your home away from home and we want to be evolving in the direction that suits you.


  1. I would LOVE an 8pm or 7:30session , even two days a week! Robyn and I both work til 7:30 and any nurses that do shift work get off at 7:30 also! It makes it very hard to make it for a class during the scheduled times . Impossible to make 6am on those days because I have no one to watch my son. I for one know that I would definately take advantage of an 8pm session! Even a 9am would work… Any thoughts ?

    • i agree karen! later sessions would be awesome! I work tip 9 most nights and in the mornings I have zero motivation to work out at 6am! I would love at 8am or 9am as well – a little later than 6am – even 7am! That extra hour is a huge difference!

  2. As Karen already said we work the same shifts so 9am , 7:30pm or 8pm would be awesome class times to add I understand that’s bootcamp/fundamentals time slot but what if we could have a few slots put aside for paying members we could do the WOD start the same time as bootcamp so we are not in the way even if it was open gym for an hour. Sign up mantoary of course so it’s not a free for all I would really love having 6am sessions again atleast 4 times a week Thanks for hearing me out 🙂

  3. I second both Karen and Robyn! I know it might not be doable, but if it is, great!
    I also think there should be more focus on stretching the upper body, not just the lower body. But that is something I know I can do by myself, but I find myself often asking how to stretch a certain muscle.
    Otherwise, keep up the great job!


  4. I agree with the 8pm class for shift workers, 730pm is not do able for most shift workers unless you are off at 7 but then you could still go at 8. I would love to see an 8pm time slot, I know after working all day I am exhausted but working off some stress after a crazy day would be most beneficial. I also understand if this is not a possibility but would like you to know that if I had the option to go at 8pm after work I would! Also I am ready for a new warm up!! Bring the inch worm back!

  5. I agree with the ladies above – evening sessions – but realistically unless its after 9p it wouldn’t benefit me – I would like to see more morning sessions other than 6am – even 7am or 8am – that one hour would give a huge difference and a lot of people that start work at 9am might take advantage of this as well

    I like the nightly 630 session the best but when working 1030-9 through the week and saturday it makes it hard to make a session. luckily I take advantage of the gym at work and try to mock the workouts but it lacks the motivation on a huge level (no one yelling at me!! haha)

    I would love a sunday session also! but maybe this is wishful thinking??

    • I wouldn’t want to take away from the bootcamps though – even 930pm haha in reality you guys do an amazing job accommodating everyone and I love the motivation I get from mike, amy and the coaches. They push me to do stuff I would never attempt on my own.

  6. Awesome suggestions! Additional classes are something that we would absolutely love to offer. We are considering options for this such as a Sunday Afternoon Open Gym, allowing up to 5 members to join into BootCamp to up the competitiveness and motivate those in the class, progressively returning to a full morning class schedule… we are definitely motivated to work with our clients to offer what you want!

    If we have enough interest (5+people per morning), we would be very happy to start offering Monday-Friday morning sessions again. Please let us know if there are others who are interested in regular morning sessions. We would also be motivated to offer mid morning sessions if we have enough interest. But WE NEED TO KNOW!!

    There are some hurdles involved with a later class. We require evenings for Bootcamp and Fundamentals and then there is the matter of coaching staff.

    Education and sound movements are something that we hold as a top priority. We strive to have athletes with the best form and coaching around and have received many compliments on our athletes during competitions. Fundamentals classes require 1.5 – 2.5 hours per session. The folks in those classes are paying to be educated in the foundational movements of Crossfit. It is a core value of ours to ensure that new members have a solid understanding of these movements. I’d much rather watch someone doing HSPU or Deadlifting than pay attention to a coach teaching me how to do a strict press with a dowel. We feel that it benefits our new clients to learn in an environment free of distractions. We also feel that it provides an additional level of security for new clients as they don’t feel that they have experienced eyes watching and judging their movements.

    Coaches – All of our coaches work full time jobs in addition to coaching and training. It is a big, expensive commitment to take the Crossfit Level 1 training. We’ve just recognized the need for an additional coach during the larger 4:30 and 5:30 sessions. Presently, we don’t have the additional manpower to add

    Bootcamp is a fabulous way for more people to get exposure to Crossfit in a less intense, group setting. It breaks down barriers for Crossfit and helps us to reach out and grow our community. It gives people a taste for it and is a fantastic way for us to recruit new clients. We haven’t really considered allowing regular members to participate in these sessions but could, depending on the size of the group. We can potentially allow up to 5 people participate with bootcamp.

  7. Sounds great mike 🙂 I’m not sure how many of our members are seeing this post. Maybe put something up at the box so everyone gets a chance suggest something 🙂

  8. I think the idea of having a few members at the bootcamp is great. It would be a good way for people motivate newer crossfitters and to talk to them about how far they may have come and how big crossfits been for them. I know when I first started I had people telling me how much progress you see and how thing that seem hard eventually get easier and how much you learn to push yourself and that was really helpful to me when in came to deciding to join.

  9. I like the idea of having an Open Gym on Sunday afternoon. Because of shift work there are some weeks I can’t make it as much as I’d like to and the option of a Sunday class would be awesome!

  10. Sunday would be sweet !! And as for mid morning , I would love that! I work for 11:30 so 9:30 would be ideal! But that being said I don’t work that shift everyday, but I do for a full week and a half , as does Robyn ! Thanks for considering these changes 🙂

    • i agree karen – i work 1030-9 so 8 would be ideal for me!

  11. Come sping I would love up see full morning sessions again.