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Those who have taken course, competitor included, please post name here

We hope to start a type of schedule where we can have judges available during specific time slots, and keep to the times so we don’t burn out our judges


  1. course done

    Available for judging
    6:30 pm through the week except on coaching day

  2. Judges course done.
    I can be available Friday night to judge. I’ll likely do my first attempt Friday night and then potentially again Sunday but I will have to get back on my availability.

  3. Judges course done.
    Thursday and Friday at noon. If I can make a rare Saturday I’ll let you know.

  4. Judges course completed ! My schedule is different each week! But this week I am free Friday evening and all day Sunday / Monday! Next week Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday I’m available

    • I guess I’m working Sunday now .. So I could definately come by during my lunch though- anywhere from 11:45-1:00!

  5. Judges course done…..available on saturdays except March 15 weekend. Could also be available Fridays if needed.

  6. I am certified to No Rep people.

  7. Completed the course. Im done school Fridays at 12 so anytime after that. Also may be able to make it Sundays depending on football.

  8. Completed the course. Thursday and Friday evenings good. THIS weekend is busy, prefer not too much this weekend.

    • **Please note other weekends are free, but not free this weekend…Free on evenings.

  9. I did half then forgot to finish! I’ll finish it tonight:)

  10. I’ll finish the. Course tonight. Can judge most Friday nights and Saturdays.

  11. Course complete… I’m available Fridays and most Saturdays

  12. Course is done. I’ll likely do my first attempt Friday nights and repeat Sundays if needed. For judging I can usually help Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Probably can help most Fridays at noon too if someone needs me.

  13. Course done!
    I am available the 7th evening, 8th and 9th.
    Then the 14th and 15th all day.
    21st evening, 22 and 23 all day.
    And none on the last weekend.

    If anyone needs a judge at a random time feel free to ask me. I work shifts so could potentially be off for any time you need! 🙂

  14. Judges course done!
    I can judge Thursday and Friday any time.
    I can judge on the 8, 9, the 14, 15, 16.
    Also the 20, 23 and none the last weekend.

    • If you ask nicely, I can judge some morning sessions as well.

  15. Got it. Schedule changes up depending on work, but will make sure I’m available a couple nights per week.

  16. Judges course completed. I work until 530pm so can only help on weekends and possibly some lunch times

  17. course will be done today. i can judge friday evenings (except tonight Feb 28) and saturdays (except march 15)