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Below is the schedule we ask both competitors and judges to consider.

If you need to perform WOD outside of the schedule provided, please don’t wait until last minute as it will be a special request and we can only promise to do our best to accommodate.



WOD reveal at 9:00pm, at gym
Athletes have option to perform WOD at this time. Last year we have a group gather to watch the reveal together and discuss it. It was a good time.


Open WOD will be the daily WOD.

Morning – must ask in advance, and be able to perform at 6:45am

Noon- Special request. Regular session has priority unless arranged prior to that day

6:30pm- Open WOD session. Will run in heats. This will be a priority time to have judges available.


11:00am- WOD to run in heats.


5:00pm- First or second chance to do WOD.


Special request only.

Last year we had a lot of random drop in to WOD scenarios. This year they will not be entertained.

We will have the scheduler reflect these time slots, along with a paper schedule at gym near red board. You will be asked to register so we can ensure we have enough judges. Athletes in attendance will be asked to judge once they have been judged.

We are excited to put you all to the test. We want this to be a great experience for you and want to provide a competition environment and the sense of organization that goes with it. The set times will flow much like a regular session.

Ex. Friday 6:30.
Warm up, mobility, WOD starts at 7:00 pm SHARP! Clock will start without you. Make sure you have all the required tools ready to go.

We may not have the biggest group, but our abilities and our intensity cannot be matched. Let’s prove it!!!


  1. I can judge any evening after 5:30 except on Mondays and both days on the weekend.

  2. I’ll be there Friday night at 6:30 until 8:00. And also Sunday from 5:00-6:30! I work a 7 day stretch so those are my times 🙂 good luck everyone ! Hopefully these hours work for you guys