Monday, March 3, 2014

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Make sure you have posted your Open WOD scores asap.

5x5x2 @ 65% 1RM


3 Rounds (15 min cap)

10 Deadlifts 155/105
20 Burpees
20 Power Cleans


  1. So I registered for the Open. I figured since we’ll be doing them as our Friday workouts I might as well have a score to submit, injuries and school aside. I’m going to miss a few due to a trip to Cuba towards then end, but whatever. So I did 14.1 today. My forearms were absolutely smoked from Saturday only 6 reps into the WOD. I knew I was in trouble. Oh well, here we go, again. Tracy’s response when she saw my name on the board to be judged today: “I am very angry with you.”

    • Bro-Reps for you!

  2. Wod – 150 reps @85lbs. Did ring push-ups instead of HSPU! For strength I did strict press @55lbs 5×5! Feeling blah after a long 7 day stretch of work! Glad to have a couple off 🙂 good luck tonight Amy – even though your score is already foolish, I’m sure you’ll crush it !!

    • so I was nosey and checked peoples score! Amy was only 25 reps off of Andrea Ager which is probably the biggest female name I’ve heard of in crossfit so that is pretty amazing! Good job Amy!

      Great job to all the other athletes at Crossfit Saint John too!

  3. Strength: press @ 60#

    Wod: 120 @ 85# ….HSPUs were super slow!!!

    Congrats to Ash and Marcelle on 14.1 this morning…… and good luck to those going at tonight!,,, 😉

  4. no strength, judged a couple of folks looking to redo 14.1

    wod: upped deadlifts to 135
    cleans at 75 (I used 2 bars)
    hand release push ups

    finished in 14:16 holy crap… that was tough to finish

    great job and congrats to all those who have done 14.1!!