Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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When registering for you session, please ensure you select “member services”. “Open WOD” is for a special schedule held for Open competitors.


5x5x2@65% 1RM


Thrusters 115/80
3 Burpees between each round. And after the last round of 1.

Dropping bar from overhead is an INSTANT BURPEE PENALTY X 5


  1. This was a tough one……13:42 Rx.

    Daily squat up to 180# :).

    Great job everyone!!

  2. Did some light back squats for strength. 105#

    WOD: 9:12 I think with just front squats as my right deltoid said no to thrusters. 70#

    Nice work big 530 crew!

  3. Felt like crap most of the day, however still came in.
    Back squats – 135
    14+ minutes with a visit from Pukie the Clown at round 7 – still completed all rounds. Used 65# felt like a ton before the Clown came.