Thursday March 27, 2014

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AMRAP 20 Teams of 2

6 Handstand Pushups
9 Squat Cleans (155/110)
12 Pullups
15 Burpees

One person works at a time.  Please split the work evenly so one partner is doing half the work as one set, do not alternate every rep.  Odd rep movements just means one round one partner gets an extra rep, the next round the other partner gets the extra rep.



  1. Teamed up with Karen Kuzik as Team Hot A$$. 6+27. I was Rx, Karen modified ring rows for PU to protect her back issue. Those squat cleans caught up really quickly. Thanks for pulling me through those Karen!

  2. Jumped in for the noon wod… bunch of crazies lol… teamed up with Alexa for this one. we did 12 ring push ups instead of hspu. Definitely feeling the squat cleans.

    7 rounds 3 reps

    Appreciated the pushing Alexa!!!