Thursday, May 8, 2014

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Strength 5x5x2


3 Rounds for time: (20min cap)

20 Push Press 95/65
20 Kettlebell Swings 55/35
20 Burpee Over Box Jump
20 V-Snaps

Cash Out: 800 m run


  1. No WOD, just strength today. Took a break from my clean work to jump on back squats. Worked my way to my PR of 325, but failed 3 reps at 335. Oh well. Good work Noon Crew, that looked tough today.

  2. Great workout today! Worked on cleans @ 125#…WOD time was 18:?? – darn burpee box jumps near killed me! Great work power hour!

  3. Strength – snatch 65 lbs

    WOD – 18:36

    55lbs push press
    25lbs kbs
    Burpee box step overs
    Vsnap / sit-ups

    Good work 430 crew

  4. Strength: OHS up to 85#

    WOD : 19:42

    65# PP
    40# KB
    Burpee box jumps were Brutal!!! Thanks for the push at the end Scott…I was ready to die 🙂

    Daily squats tonight up to 180#. Great job everyone!!!!

  5. knees have been feeling better since starting the walking and decided to start the back squat work.
    Started with bar and worked up to 145# – if all feels good in the morning will start increasing the weight.
    2 + 59 – 75#/55#/20″
    Calf cramps on the cash out we’re not nice and I still had to walk home. This part sucked!

  6. Really liked this one! Glad is was a long one since it’s been a while and will be a while haha 🙂

    Did this one RX’d! 🙂 17:54

    Also got a PR on my snatch up to 80#!