Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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Strength 5x3x2 @85%

Noon crew: perform your daily squat during strength.
Coach Meg is filling in for Amy. Please respect the hour you have to train.


3 Rounds
20 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
15 Power Snatches
10 Overhead Squats


Immediate 10 Burpee penalty for dumping bar


  1. So disappointed I’m missing out on this one 🙁

  2. Strength: Partner Bear Complex @ 155# (5×3) Ouch…

    WOD – 12:19 @ Rx’d

  3. Strength – Power Clean 140#

    13:27 – 65# first 2 movements and 45# OHS until shoulder said go lighter or I will not work. Went to 15# for the rest.

  4. Went through the motions today. Back was tight to start so I didn’t want to push it. I took my time and didn’t do it for time. Had to MOD snatch and OHS as usual for cleans and front squats.

  5. Strength: Backsquats at 125#, felt heavy so I will be starting the Daily Squat once I get back from Toronto.

    WOD: An awful 19:26 60# cause I can’t count. Wasn’t feeling it, happy I did it.

    Cash out – 20.

  6. Daily WOD.

    Meg talked me into doing this one before comp WOD stuff
    Did @ 125#
    Upset that got distracted and did 15 OHS first round.

    In return she did my WOD with me 10 mins after

    10 rounds for time
    30 Cal Row
    12 Box Jumps Overs 30″
    :30 rest/repeat


    And spent

  7. Daily Squat

    Wod 11:37 Rx’d

    Then tackled the never ending CompWod with Mike (see above but with 24″ box jump overs). 33:52 I think?

    yep. spent.