Wednesday, Mat 21, 2014

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3 Rounds

400 m Run
*3 Rounds of CINDY


  1. Strength: strict press worked up to 70#. My whiteboard 1RM is listed at 75# – time for a do-over?

    WOD: 2 + 39 at 20min.

    400m is such a blechy distance – too long to be a sprint, too short to be a distance. argh.

  2. Oh, and the WOD looks like this:
    400m + 3xCindy + 400m + 3xCindy + 400m + 3xCindy
    With a 20 minute cap.

  3. WOD: 14:12. Felt like i held back too much at the start, but then tried to cover it at the and and gassed a bit. My goal was 14, close but no cigar.

    Cashout: run home, about 4.5KM

    Great job crew! Nice to have a run outside when it’s actually sunny

  4. Wod: 14:00

    Love Cindy but don’t love her quite as much with the running addition.

    Cash-out ring dips…the plan was 30 but I lost count cause I was talking to Ashley too much.

    Awesome push from the crew that took this on at 1pm.