Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Strength EMOM 8 @ 90%



15 Box Jump Over 30/24

12 Shoulder To Overhead 115/75

9 V-Snaps


  1. Well, after being away for a week, I needed some varied strength movements to knock off some rust.

    Strength – a few rounds of DT @ 155#

    WOD – 5+17 (135# bar)

    Great job everyone!!

  2. strength – sumo deadlift highpull to 205. need some work on this movement as i do bi annually.

    wod – 5 + 1. i wish to thank ray, meg and keegan for upscaling this wod. and by thank i mean i am literally shaking my fist at the computer monitor while typing this in a “why would you do this” type of fashion.

    great job to the power hour. liking the intestity.

    • Muhahahaha…Its good to be back!

  3. Daily Squat

    Wod 6+18 upscale to 85#

    Really liked this one! Although my v-snaps felt uncoordinated and awkward…and I’m sure entertaining to watch. Haven’t done this mvmt in ages- the last round of these felt better then the first.

    Thanks for the push power hour…and the peer pressured upscale 😉

    • CompWod strength after work:

      – Clean complexes
      – Overhead strength (strict press, push press, push jerk)

  4. Strength : Deadlift up to 195#

    WOD : 4 + 16 @ 75lbs and 20″ box ……75# felt extra heavy today…looked forward to the V-snaps 🙂

    Great job noon crew!!!!

  5. jumped in to cover the last half of the 4:30 wod

    strength: deadlifts @ 235

    wod: 6+21 with 75 lbs and weighted step ups and over the box lol

    Awesome to see the huge classes!!!

  6. Lots of awesome scores today.

    Did today’s comp WOD for strength (all shoulders)

    Today’s WOD: 6+6 @135. Chasing meg and ash today, great job ladies!

  7. Comp wod for strength with Chris
    WOD 6+ 27 Rx
    Post wod weighted pull-ups & chin ups (20lbs vest)
    It’s awesome to see a ton of people doing the wods this week and killin it!

  8. Strength: Deaflifts at 180#

    WOD: 4+25,two rounds at 70, then dropped down to 65# 24″ box.

    Back Squat up to 160#

    Nice work everyone!